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2019 'TRACKS' Mens Trackpant Production2019 'TRACKS' Mens Trackpant Production

2019 'TRACKS' Mens Trackpant Production. Barbwire Noose, handcrafted with a personal touch. Australian Owned. Founder Marcia Anita Hobbs 'Barbwire Noose', 'Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness' and Barbwire logo are All Registered Trademarks. BARBWIRE NOOSE PTY. LTD.​​

BARBWIRE NOOSE® Clothing and Accessories are Crafted with a Personal Touch and Proudly Australian Owned. Barbwire Noose® is Dedicated to Making 'A Better World'. Including Organic Materials as an Option in Product Selection, Active Involvement Locally and Worldwide on Issues and with the use of Profits* to Support projects with the Same Objectives. We donate $1 minimum of your purchase to causes working towards 'A Better World™'.!/BarbwireNoose NOTE: Barbwire Noose® does NOT at All in Anyway condone self harm. We Support and Encourage the Support of Charities which aid in Sustaining Life*. *$1 minimum of your purchase is donated to a cause working towards 'A Better World™'. Barbwire Noose® *Homegrown* Est 2005, Since 1919.

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