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21/12/2012 - MAYAN FAIL ~ the world did Not end.21/12/2012 - MAYAN FAIL ~ the world did Not end.

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness a way of life and Do NOT Conform not far behind it! Barbwire Noose took the End of the World Mayan Prediction to New Heights and man our founder had a Ball playing bucket list with the possible last day of the world!

"21/12/2012 - MAYAN FAIL ~ the world did Not end.(though I thought it might when there was f*ck all air up in them clouds!😶😂) Note explicit language and lack of attention paid to procedural instructions prior to jump." - “I’m Flying.” - Marcia Anita Hobbs.

"Road trips – who doesn’t love them! Spontaneously deciding to adventure out, somewhere new, something else to discover, a random experience cos you are on the road and pass that sign that sparks your zest for life. That’s living. Recalling the time I discovered sky diving before indulging in the gorgeous tastes of the set menu of our iconic Opera House, Sydney, Australia is unforgettable. Making a trip from regional SA to Sydney NSW and back brought so much more than bargained for. I love to travel, Love driving yet this trip I got to indulge in the scenes of a passenger. Fully Sik was my sky diving expert, Coolest bloke out – Fun and in good knowledge for my first experience in this Serious Adrenaline. I’ve been in heights for years, rock climbing, hiking, snow boarding and skiing the mountains so fear wasn’t a problem. It was random, we were cruising, my companion terrified of heights see’s a sign that says sky diving and looks at me. Little Adrenaline Junkies eyes lit up instantly. YES – I’m in that! Pulling up in the car park it the afternoon and we were lucky Fully was willing to do another dive. I suited up – attempted to listen carefully and then we were on the plane! A couple of pro jumpers made the experience look smooth, my turn up I had forgotten Everything Fully had said. We drop out the plane, at first I was taken back – where did my air go, it took a moment to realise that I can actually breathe in the intensity. The feeling was like nothing I had experienced, peaceful yet chaotic – I’m flying. The chute pulled, that was insanely GOOD. We’re now gliding through the sky, much slower than when we first left the plane. Fully gave me the reigns – I’m steering the parachute! Gazing down at the highways below we have a joke and I take in the magnificence that is simply incredible from this height, this freedom. It’s a quick trip to the ground overall, but an experience of a lifetime – one if it interests us we should all endure. The magnificence of sights, the joys of flight – Everything was appealing. When it came to landing, the place was open field. I was given direction to land and My God did I pull it off like a pro! I swear Sydney Sky Diving was as impressed as I. Incredible. From there we had our sights on the bridge and the Opera House. Travelling over the massive bridge twice to really experience it we arrive at Guillaume, the Opera House restaurant sealing the time I discovered sky diving with an Amazing designated menu. Divine."© - Founder Barbwire Noose® Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness® #playhard #ballsout #LifeMusicFreedom Marcia HOBBS (@MarciaBNoose) Australia Barbwire Noose® pty ltd.

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