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'Author On Tour' The Story Behind the Brand

Founder Marcia BNoose, with no plan to stop the hectic pace of Barbwire Noose launch of The Story Behind the Brand.

Our fashion princess setting her sights to travel Australia before heading off to life in New York City.

All this while studying her Bachelor degree (Music Production), designing for NYFW2024 and EFWA2024 plus writing, media and writing!

The Story Behind the Brand BARBWIRE NOOSE Autobiography released into the National Library of Australia 2023.

First edition published by Austin Macauley Publications.

Second Edition published by Europe Books.

Truth Matters. Human Rights Matter.

A personal message from founder and author BARBWIRE NOOSE- The Story Behind the Brand

"Thank you to everyone for your support, especially those whom have been unwavering in patience during much adversity. Human Rights are a Nobel cause and I'm Sincerely honoured to be part of a long battle towards a bill of rights Australia blazed by many before me."

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