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Happy Earth Day 2023

2023 marks the 53rd World Earth Day!

The theme this year Invest in our Planet. Check out Marcia BNoose getting involved with the Sikh community event held at the Botanical Gardens.

Barbwire Noose kindly donating to the Day making A Better World. The excitement didn't end with the low emission out door fun. The evening catered serving traditional Indian cuisine and gave Marcia the opportunity to plant her Earth Day tree this year in a Botanical Gardens to grow for generations to come!

Marcia wears Eco Fashion Week Australia 2017 organic cotton casual dress.

In India, World Earth Day falls round the significance celebration of Harvest in festivities and pray. Marcia BNoose also attended the Harvest Festival prays. Such a wonderful time to invest in our future, invest in the plant, practice kindness to the environment and think Green.

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