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International Day of People with Disability 2020

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

International Day of People with Disability (IDPWD) is a United Nations-sanctioned day that is celebrated internationally on 3 December.

2005 - The Story Behind the Brand.

"Brand Barbwire Noose® began following an Human Rights outcry made by myself against the neglect and sexual abuse I witnessed of clients in government disabled care in South Australia, AUSTRALIA. A fight for better quality of life for Disabled clients in government care leading myself to Trademark register the words Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness® - a slogan which had held a long term place on a yellow curtain blind which was purchased in my teenage years, 2002, whilst still fresh out of home (parental care). I wrote what is now the slogan of the brand after I was sexually abused myself as a teenager by a man that I should have been able to trust. Like the neglected and abused clients should have been able to trust their carers. Scared to speak out, the slogan represented my internal fight for justice. A slogan representing the struggle I had with the disgusting truth of being sexually violated at 16 years old by mid 30’s police officer and detective Kurt Slaven.

At the time I initially wrote the line ‘Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness®’ as it was an inspirational and relevant thought. Applicable to what I witnessed - the neglect within Disabled caring, like my fear and silence after being raped as a minor, the main reason for years of silence about this neglect by co-workers was also fear. Fears of harassment and dismissal creating loss of income fears, these fears overriding thoughts of morality and humanity for many around me. I did not share the fear of monetary loss, yet after witnessing police corruption as a 16 year old I did fear the backlash of corrupt powers in my teenage years and early 20’s. Not Now. The police sex offender who offended against myself a corrupt power alligned with biker gangs had also mentioned the corruption of government involving the disabled demographic. At 19 years old, beginning work with the government organisation Intellectually Disabled Services Council (IDSC), I started to report to management about and then report the abuse and neglect I witnessed. A teenage whistleblower."

2020 - 15 years of Barbwire Noose.

"Choosing the significant day of the 3rd December which is International Day of People with Disability to launch as the Brand without ‘A Better World’ Initiative focus. This final opportunity disrupted by Reckless Endangerment. A moment silently honouring The Story Behind The Brand and its establishment during my fight for Justice and Human Rights for disabled persons. A disruption I could not forgive any person's involvement in, especially my family and Tim Young of VICPOL involvement. The sellout, second rate police officer a thorn in my side like many bitter men and ex-boyfriends after rejection or break ups. Brand Barbwire Noose, truly my One Love I resigned from a nice approach to resolution becoming extremely irate in communication to anyone involved in illegality and fascism."

Above video and below Billboarding, the last of a 6 month campaign to be displayed on International Day of People with Disability Times Square, New York Billboards. 3 x 1 video.

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