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March4Justice - A Better World Initiative

Empowering Speakers across Australia, with a March in Adelaide that Filled the streets! Chanting "What do we want" "justice for women" "When do we want it" "NOW!!" Throughout the streets of Adelaide, South Australia. "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" brought Power to Women at March4Justice!!

A day that across Australia men and women rallied in the Capital Cities of Australia and even regional areas in a fight for Equality, Justice, Respect. Basic Human Rights that Matter, not only a subject close to home for our Founder but a place you could definitely expect to find our passionate activists.

The philosophy?

Women have been struggling for our rights alone for too long, and enough is enough. By being inclusive and all genders working together we can achieve more.

Diversity Statement

#March4Justice is an organic uprising, with logistics being undertaken at speed by volunteers around the country. Discussions include the critical need to have an intersectional mindset. As Kimberlé Crenshaw says, “All inequality is not created equal.” Australia’s dominant patriarchal culture privileges the white, able-bodied, straight and wealthy. #March4Justice organisers and participants need to be ever-vigilant against doing the same. We call on all events to ensure a diverse platform of speakers, and all organisers to be inclusive in their outreach.

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