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Happy New Year 2024

Updated: Mar 17

Spending the last couple of months of 2023 donating our historical Human Rights Autobiography 'The Story Behind the Brand BARBWIRE NOOSE' across regional (and significant) libraries in South Australia (SA) and New South Wales (NSW) we here at Barbwire Noose are going Rock Climbing!

Marcia BNoose, under a strenuous circumstance in treacherous governance also ending 2023 achieving a Music Production Diploma is excited to not only create within the field of her favourite passion - fashion, but to develop an avid interest in music! - After some R & R in the Mountains and a few hotels/apartments attending local events and celebrating surviving to achieve the release of The Story Behind the Brand BARBWIRE NOOSE.

If your not following our boss babe on social media google @marciabnoose and your bound to see where our Lead fashion designer and brand Founder is at! Rock Climbing the walls of the world famous Mount Arapiles in the Grampians Victoria! Studying up on the future - Sustainable Fashion. Better yet, you can follow the latest charity stint of our A Better World initiative donations. Travelling the Victorian and Queensland (after the R&R) leg of our 'Author On Tour' . Pop into your local library - check for the autobiography in your local library catalogues!

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