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Signature Puss Collection - A Better World 

Founder, Marcia Anita Hobbs, Women's Empowerment Collection, 'Signature Puss'. The Signature - The way we say I was here. This is me. I consent. A simple scribble at times which means so much, it's strength Defines us as individual. Signature Puss - it's that power, girl power, uncommitted to stereotype. Just You, Empowered feline strength.©👑💋

Beauty, Wisdom, Strength.

A work inspired by strong women in society, the mural fights back against Gender inequality. Credit: Artist April Hague and friend. Aspiring Model: Lana from Australia. With a Mission and Vision of 'A Better World' We *Love* giving back to the community through volunteering, self esteem building and monetary donations. Barbwire Noose® is Dedicated to Making 'A Better World'. Including Organic Materials as an Option in Product Selection, Active Involvement Locally and Worldwide on Issues and with the use of Profits* to Support projects with the Same Objectives. We donate $1 minimum of your purchase to causes working towards 'A Better World™'.

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