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Supporting Black History Museum - A Better World Initiative

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

The 'A Better World' initiative the foundations of the Mission and Vision of Brand Barbwire Noose. Our Times Square, New York Billboards run on specific days 2020 in reflection of the causes near and dear to us. August 17th National Nonprofit Day, September 5th International Day of Charity and included our founder's favorite day - Halloween!

This year we are Super Excited to take the 'A Better World' initiative Billboarding to new heights. Running campaigns everyday with proceeds supporting an Amazing initiative to build the last Black run beach town in the entire USA a black history musuem. An Amazing Effort initiated by an Amazing man in America we are SO Excited about this cause that Founder Marcia Anita Hobbs (Princess India/Aust) is also dedicating her Birthday month of April to the cause also - something she hopes to continue every year with the Inspirational American behind the action.

The Town of Atlantic Beach, South Carolina, USA known as The Black Pearl was founded when wealthy white family's vacationed in Myrtle Beach bringing with them their maids and butlers to clean their beach homes. On the weekends the employers would kick their black butler's and maids out of the houses and they had to live in tents outside in the forest of Atlantic Beach. Finally a group of investors bought up the town and over time during segregation it became the only beach access for blacks in the area.

There is No place for discrimination, racism, hate speech and cultural divide in our societies today. We not only need to embrace history and culture to learn from it and about each other; we should also always remember and honour the past and ancestors passed.

The Coronavirus Crisis still looming we could not leave out the relevance of the 'face mask' at this time. Travelling through tourist destination Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this April keep in mind this is not just Advertising. These Billboards are SO Much more, A Better World - Human Rights Matter.

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