Custom High Fashion Your Way - Your Call Drama™.

Specify your sizing, price range, function or feel and have Founder and Lead Designer Marcia Hobbs craft you a custom runway design. Your Call Drama™.

6 - 8 week minimum turn around on all BN® Couture custom orders.

BN® Couture

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    ©2005 - 2020 by Marcia Anita Hobbs.

    BARBWIRE NOOSE PTY LTD. Barbwire Noose® Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness® by BARBWIRE NOOSE® CLOTHING CO.

    $1.00AUD minimum of your purchase is donated to a cause(s) working towards 'A Better World'. Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness®

    Worldwide availability online ONLY. Barbwire Noose® does not authorize nor seek to sell in countries floundering trademark law respect.