FREE DOWNLOAD CODE: GUILTYSLAVEN Autobiography Manuscript* Writer's Proofing - The Guilty Kurt Slaven download available as Proofed for Royal Commission into SAPOL and National Integrity - whatever came first. Court records showing Ause of Power and Process. Marcia Hobbs obtaining resolution during Reckless Endangerment calling Publically for a Royal Commission into SAPOL and the Guilty Kurt Slaven verdict to be court finalised. Marcia Hobbs issued in 2016 with a Government Investigation Certification this Autobiography is completed with sector recommendations and court submitted September 2020 including malicious edited by the police force in efforts to cover up sex industry involvement of 60 - 80% of the police force. The Autobiography Historically Proofing until Print. This downloadable version is RAW and Inclusive of chilling underworld details of crimes untold. An Autobiography by Founder Marcia Anita Hobbs written in Human Rights Activism fight for her own personal rights laying foundations to a Royal Commission into SAPOL and towards National Integrity. Crimes against Humanity, breaches to the Privacy Act, Crimes Act criminal conduct from police and Unconstitutional conduct. UGLY HEROS is a captivating account of True Crime and the illusive South Australian Underworld. Gripping accounts of the Regional Underworld. Life in the Shadows of the Elite STARForce team of South Australia Police. *GRAMMAR KINGS AND QUEENS Beware: This is not the edited final manuscript for publication. This is the writers manuscript written in real time with edits by corrupt police being reproofed with ever upload until print. 


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