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2nd Edition Brand BARBWIRE NOOSE

The Story Behind the Brand BARBWIRE NOOSE 2nd Edition. Publisher: Europe Books

"I wanted to obtain a public apology at the least from the Labor Government - governments in general. When I say I, I mean literally ‘I’. Everyone else gave excuses as to why it wasn’t their job or relevant to talk about the elephant in the room – everyone except me. Upon the release of the final report, the media had made no mention or acknowledgement of the covered up publically KNOWN criminal negligence by Jay Weatherill disability ministry under the Mike Rann government. Over 200 recommendations, and Not one of those recommendations offering salvation, justice, human rights or refuge from abuse to the unique disabilities of Sharley House, Mount Gambier, South Australia. I was horrified to hear the recommendation to phase out group homes. A Group Home, also known as a shared home or shared accommodation, is a home for people who are living with a disability, a mental illness, or a health condition requiring support. They are designed and organised to provide the assistance, support, and supervision that people need to live their life as independently as possible. The group housing situation of the mute, known as non-cognitive, physically impaired clients I reported on behalf of very much in need of the intellectual relation of others like them in a rotation of staff environment."

"Causing overwhelming emotional distress and damages as the 1st edition of this book released without significant icons of its foundation. Overwhelming emotional distress further escalated by Victoria police led by Shane Patton, in conjunction with the Australian Federal Police force led by Reece Kershaw, efforts to deny the theft of my property in writing (letter dated 14/07/2023 from Senior Seragent M.Crawford ID: 29833). It’s not a straightforward story, it’s easy to get embroiled in the drama of it all, the bottom line of Barbwire Noose is the Empowerment of Survival, overcoming Fear, Adversity, Greed and a determination to Not allow society to flounder Human Rights to the point where the government takes the taxpayers money with no responsibility like the bad royalty it replaced."

"Deferring a Justice and Society degree heading into studying criminal law, after years of studying the regular schooling program (reception to year twelve in Australia) seemed like a flawless plan.

A plan that did not eventuate because of an traumatic event. Instead of university studies in Adelaide 2002, I volunteered at an aged care home and ended up working as a Disability Officer."

"A cover up of this sex offence against myself as a minor that I did not at that time report. Privacy breaches to South Australian citizens that began in the 1990’s tipping Kurt Slaven off that I had discussed his offence against myself to my friends. Personally, I was not aware of the plot to cover up the crime until later in life. This path led to the creation of brand Barbwire Noose, the trauma causing to myself to write the words ‘Fear Is the Root of All Weakness’ on my yellow curtain blind. The trauma lead to me staying in Mount Gambier to become a Disabled Care Officer for the government. Events that led me to trademarking what is now the slogan of the brand “Fear Is the Root of All Weakness®."

"The first book I thought I would write is, the tale leading up to the establishment of my brand – this book. After all it wasn’t a normal life I had lead hearing and witnessing government crimes at the age of sixteen. Not that my upbringing was exactly ordinary."

"Starting an autobiography on my first laptop, a silver Compaq purchased from Harvey Norman in the early 2000s with a Go Mastercard credit card."

"The risk of waiting until the original manuscript was complete to physical publication during the life threatening circumstances of a cover up, my life recklessly endangered had the stakes too high to not publically disclose the crimes."

"A station which has never been Royal Commission audited despite years of criminal conduct, malfeasance and years of reporting the issues."

"In 2017 into 2018 (that I know of) police officer Damian Ferrari, who had been stalking myself on Ararat Police station computers was investigated for stalking by VICPOL and then was allowed to get away with the crime. This police officer gained knowledge of my existence via the Gordon Hamm homicide investigation and the Portland police station. This police officer generated his interest in myself directly via the malicious police agenda to cover up sex crimes. Leading to this police officer of Victoria raping myself, a resident of South Australia, into a relationship after attending a horse racing event (long story short, more detail in UGLY HEROS Autobiography)."

"Especially as Travis Paul Enmon Junior, my fiancée (2021/2022), and I were in communication in 2018, still declaring our love to each other and want to marry while Damian and police forces made efforts to trap me on the isolated farm."

"With much to discuss about the steps taken by the Labor South Australian government to cover up and flounder a criminal investigation into serious sexual abuse of disabled I sent the draft manuscript of this book already under public publishing contract as submission to the Disability Royal Commission. Saving me the emotional distress of rewriting the ordeals."

"My own family called me a drug addict in the illegal court proceedings. A hair follicle test would have proved this was a lie. Yet, numerous times including in a character assassination campaign assisted by freemason SAPOL police officer Constantinos David Kyriacou, I was accused of being an ICE addict over and over again for a decade. All so people could try and get away with paedophilia and organised crime."

According to 2011 Australian Government Investigations Standards, which defines an investigation as: "...a process of seeking information relevant to an alleged, apparent or potential breach of the law, involving possible judicial proceedings. The primary purpose of an investigation is to gather admissible evidence for any subsequent action, whether under criminal, civil penalty, civil, disciplinary, or administrative sanctions. Investigations can also result in prevention and/or disruption action. The term investigation can also include intelligence processes which directly support the gathering of admissible evidence.” – here’s the important and relevant part of this legislation ‘involving possible judicial proceedings’ THERE WAS NEVER GROUNDS FOR JUDICIAL PROCEEDINGS BASED ON ANY ACCUSATIONS MADE AGAINST MYSELF.

"This is how I, and Barbwire Noose escaped immediate dangers created by SAPOL in South Australia 2020/2021. Always remaining vigilant and trusting no one. Still recklessly endangered in the Northern Territory (NT), by 2023 NTPOL with the assistance of people like the managers of the YHA Alice Springs in an affray were engaging in actions of solicitation of my persons."

"I had nearly died during the process; in my mind I was not going to die at the hands of another, yet no one could save me from myself. Police knowing this hoped delaying the torts settlement would push me to suicide. The Australian Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw , VICPOL Commissioner Shane Patton, SAPOL Commissioner Grant Stevens – all hoping I would commit suicide so they didn’t have to deal with a country rife with a sex offender, ICE addiction culture. A culture created and upkept by police."

"After three months with an acknowledgment that I should not have been incarcerated on court records it was evident Reece Kershaw was also on some level towing the line of VICPOL, using cop commentary of this period. After three months with an acknowledgment that I should not have been incarcerated on court records it was evident Reece Kershaw was also on some level towing the line of VICPOL - using cop commentary.

Following my return to South Australia after six months travelling in 2023. After suffering torts waiting for settlement with my legal representation. With the first edition of this publication public a immigrant Indian couple working in Australia assisted ex SAPOL police officers to stalk me. Then engaged in acts of solicitation by spreading malicious accusations of sex work to persons whom engage with the sex industry. Less than a month from the final report being handed down from the Disability Royal Commission police and government were still desperately running a character assassination. I had to flee the random AirBNB to the safety of a rental for the few months I was planning to stay in Australia before flying out on my green card to New York. I couldn’t believe that after such a dangerous act of entrapment after VICPOL malfeasance that all involved were delaying acknowledged torts settlement in hopes of suicide. Inciting violence and rape with solicitation rhetoric."

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