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Barbwire Noose 15 Years - 2020

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Established 2005, Since 1919.

So Life is just that.​

We all lose ourselves growing up.

Find ourselves when we least expect it.

Face testing experiences and get through.

Better or Worse.

​Liking to think for the better.

Learn from a bad decision - decisions.

Become stronger from experiences.

Life throws Crazy Shit.

We All have Stories.

Some we can share, Some that we wont.

These experiences are Strengths, Not weaknesses.

Choose Courage, Not Fear. Death is Inevitable, the rest is Choice.©

My Story in short;

"One Testing Experience Too Many, A Life Of Endless Lives And A Yellow Curtain Blind." - Marcia Anita Hobbs

​Life – A dreamy Nightmare that Grips us by the Throat as we enter this Treacherous World and begins to Squeeze as we struggle to drink from the bosom that Feeds us into Destruction. Dying from Birth we tread through Life’s Bullshit to the Inevitable End of Our Existence. Knowing This, we need Not Fear what life has in store. We need Not Punish Ourselves and become a Shadow to society. 'Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness®'. A Weakness that we should Not bow Down to, as we are Inevitably headed Towards what we will Lose at the end of our Existence – Life. Like a 'Barbwire Noose®' the Reality of our world grips us slowly Bleeding us to our Death with No Remorse. We do Not need to endure more pain in the face of Fear. Embrace Life as it sucks your Vital Soul into the Nothingness of Conformation. Do Not Conform as society demands. Live Life to experience your Mind, your Body, your Souls desire and Fuck the World's Bias opinion. Do Not be Sucked into the Oblivion. Do Not Conform. Alone We Stand Hand In Hand, Without Fear.©

- Marcia xXx

Major achievements and events over the years include highlights such as:

● 2005 – trademark designed and trademarking with Intellectual Property (IP) Australia.

● 2006 – trademark applications approval process, Fear Is the Root of All Weakness® Approved.

● 2007 – research and letters to gain trademark approval of Barbwire Noose®.

● 2008 – Trademark Barbwire Noose® approved by IP Australia, business name registration with Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), prototyping products developed, online sale platform development.

● 2009 – Barbwire Noose® entered the New Enterprise Initiative Scheme (NEIS) government business program – Small business management Certificate IV (four) studies, development of streetwear threads collection including t-shirts, trackpants, singlets and hoodies.

● 2010 – private brand launch party in Mount Gambier South Australia, music festivals promotional advertising, extreme sports promotional advertising and sponsorships, ‘BRUTAL’ music platform launched online, sponsorships enquiries, physical store advancement explored.

● 2011 – self manufacturing equipment capital purchases, sponsor and officials uniform manufacturer of South Australia and Victorian BMX Country Championships, triple j magazine advertising, founder meet Danny Carey TOOL band and gave Barbwire Noose® sticker, eco/second-hand stores utilised reducing waste of seconds or mis-manufacturing sustainably, ‘A French Affair’ Red Cross runway fashion show fundraiser, sponsorship Muay Thai fighter Alan ‘Warrior’ Walkington at FIRESTORM #5 and Brute Force #15 events, sponsorship of metal band ‘Dawn Heist’ tour, rock climbing competition and competitor Cheyne Hobbs sponsorship, low parachute jump brand promotional jump.

● 2012 – Morex off road masters event sponsor, purchased Mercedes corporate vehicle, accessories line expanded-wrist bands and phone covers launched, Incorporation of Barbwire Noose®, sponsorship motorcyclist Levi Day Racing, sponsorship Muay Thai fighter Alan ‘Warrior’ Walkington and Bryan ‘The General’ Hasse, office allocation of 69 Penola Road Mount Gambier, listing for investment prospects via Angel Investors, physical store stocking prospects in South Australian street/surf wear stores, multiple metal bands tour sponsorship.

● 2013 – sprint car events promotional advertising, founder engaged in accounting studies for company advancement and boost investor confidence, featured in newspaper The Border Watch Mount Gambier, promotional modelling advertising.

● 2014 – officially after years of supporting WKA joined World Kindness Australia (WKA) corporate membership, Alan ‘Warrior’ Walkington our Barbwire Noose Co Muay Thai fighter with UFC great Alistair ‘The Reem’ Overeem, engaged in charitable collaboration designing and print production for feel good promotions.

● 2015 – BN Couture high-end fashion and jewellery collection prototyping, classics collection released, Signature prints labelled American prints, Signature Puss (originally ‘pussy’) women’s empowerment Collection developed.

● 2016 – ‘Signature Puss’ Women’s empowerment collection launched, go-kart sponsorship, investment contracting discussions, founder engaged Masters in Business Administration (MBA) studies with Australian Institute of Business, featured in newspaper The Border Watch Mount Gambier, official manufacturer for production/sponsorship of Ms/Mrs Earth Australia pageant T-shirts, donation of overlocker to Limestone Coast Migrant Resource Centre.

● 2017 – BN Couture Collection Official launched, Brand SA registered, sponsorship street-smart initiative South Australia, BN Couture sponsored and featured Ms/Mrs Earth Australia, sponsorship street-smart initiative South Australia and Eco Fashion Week Australia Perth.

● 2018 – Gleeson College annual quiz night fundraiser, sponsorship street-smart initiative South Australia and Victoria, sponsorship neighbourhood watch initiative, featured in newspaper The Border Watch Mount Gambier, Eco fashion week Australia Upcycle Challenge in QLD – Eco Fashion Week Runway Perth, Sydney Retail Festival and Amazon Australia platform development, Business Award nominations.

● 2019 – authoring Human Rights (Royal Commission) Autobiographies, The Story Behind the Brand – BARBWIRE NOOSE publishing contract with Austin Macauley Publishers, development of ACCESSORIZE Jewellery Collection and Australian Made product registration, Business Award nominations.

● 2020 – New York Times Square billboards, eBay platform development, sponsorship street-smart initiative South Australia, sponsorship neighbourhood watch initiative, winner Bronze Stevie Award, Unisex ACCESSORIZE Accessory Collection and unisex Embroidery Polo Collection, Business Award nominations.

● 2021 – selection by Flying Solo for September New York Fashion Week (NYFW), sponsorship street-smart initiative South Australia, billboards in South Carolina funding Black History Museum for Myrtle Beach, founder feature including NYFW2021 opportunity interview in Amazon platform Lifestyle Magazine-India, SMERGERS Investment Platform open for investors, designing intimates undergarments collection, debut in New York Flying Solo Store, featured in magazine Weekly Style USA, Final Manuscript submissions “The Story Behind the Brand BARBWIRE NOOSE” submitted for publication.

● 2022 – billboards in South Carolina funding Black History Museum for Myrtle Beach, NYFW2022 attendance (disrupted), sponsorship debut Muay Thai fighter Josh “Tormentor’ Sarmiento, Sustainable Couture Runway Alice Springs Australia, Protest Graff Streetwear collection, anticipated release of Intimates Collection, year stamp on Signature Prints Collection Tees, Eco Fashion Week Australia 2022 (EFWA22 postponed due to covid), Business Award Nominations, Manuscript updated preprint “The Story Behind the Brand BARBWIRE NOOSE”, sponsorship Darren Nixon aka Life of Bryan (Bryan Porker) gypsy/traveller.

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