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National Storage Australia

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

National Storage in 2023, after property was illegally removed from Barbwire Noose storage shed, committed property damage and furthermore attempted insurance fraud regarding the damage they committed. The attempt of insurance fraud occuring after National Storage breached consumer law and attempted to bully our brand founder (Marcia BNoose) regarding the theft of our manufacturing property from the shed rented from National Storage. A shed located on level one, not ground floor in a compound like shed facility. The company attempted to blame the move in Removalist Barbwire Noose employed to make the move while Marcia (brand Founder) was interstate. This attempt to pervert justice by shirking blame to avoid paying out on the insurance cover of stored property at National Storage exposing an agenda of malicious conduct towards Barbwire Noose.

The attempt to avoid paying for the property damage even though the property was insured showing National Storage were remorseless in their actions.

When renting from National Storage you are required to obtain (forced to have) insurance. Barbwire Noose opting upon contracting with the storage company in 2021 to take the standard insurance directly provided by National Storage.

Staff at National Storage Port Adelaide stated the female operations manager (Shannon Hayman) made decision to damage by discarding the property, even though the theft and relocation of the property had in approximately the past six months been discussed with staff and Removalist team.

National Storage had authority to engage with Barbwire Noose shed and upon contracting were left with the keys to the business storage shed. Actions engaged by National Storage are illegal, unethical, and not correct. They are also in breach of consumer law and human rights violations are a concern in this matter.

This criminal activity was conducted by National Storage, causing Founder Marcia BNoose (Hobbs) severe emotional distress. The malicious and intentional damages engaged as our founder learned of her Nanna's death. A heavy grievance, Marcia sharing a special bond with her Nan, the 'Curry Queen' Mavis Unger.

The illegal activity of National Storage continued. On Saturday the 5th of August 2023, after I had included in email the Australian Federal Police Commissioner regarding concerns of organised crime and fraud by the company, National Storage committed the criminal act of theft. Stealing business equipment and irreplacable possessions including family childhood photograph and my parents wedding photos, as well as evidence of SAPOL cover up. The actions of National Storage concluded that resolution would not be adequately met without court proceedings and a bid to have the company disolved.

Quoting first line of Marcia BNoose (brand Founder) attempt at resolution with National Storage legal counsel: "So your aware, I'm a legal student and would love to discuss this matter in court...."

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