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Our American Printed Apparel

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Our American Printed Apparel is printed by Broken Arrow and further processed in Australia. 'Barbwire Noose', 'Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness' and Barbwire logo are All Registered Trademarks. BARBWIRE NOOSE PTY. LTD.​​ BARBWIRE NOOSE® Clothing and Accessories are Crafted with a Personal Touch and Proudly Australian Owned. Barbwire Noose® is Dedicated to Making 'A Better World'. Including Organic Materials as an Option in Product Selection, Active Involvement Locally and Worldwide on Issues and with the use of Profits* to Support projects with the Same Objectives. We donate $1 minimum of your purchase to causes working towards 'A Better World™'.!/BarbwireNoose NOTE: Barbwire Noose® does NOT at All in Anyway condone self harm. We Support and Encourage the Support of Charities which aid in Sustaining Life*. *$1 minimum of your purchase is donated to a cause working towards 'A Better World™'. Barbwire Noose® *Homegrown* Est 2005, Since 1919.

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