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The Story Behind the Brand BARBWIRE NOOSE unplugged ePub-e-book

Updated: Apr 2, 2023


To all those disabled, disadvantaged, and voiceless – I hear you.   For everyone that believes in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – shall Good always prevail over evil.    


Copyright © Marcia Anita Hobbs (BNoose) 2022   Copyright © Marcia Anita Hobbs (BNoose) 2019 – 2023   This work depicts actual events in the life of the author as truthfully as recollection permits. This is a work of nonfiction. No names have been changed, no characters invented, no events fabricated.   The right of Marcia Anita Hobbs (BNoose) to be identified as author of this work has been asserted by the author in accordance with section 77 and 78 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (UK). COPYRIGHT ACT 1968 – SECT 35, Ownership of copyright in original works (AUS).   All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior permission of the author and/or publishers.   Any person who commits any unauthorised act in relation to this publication may be liable to criminal prosecution and civil claims for damages.   The Story Behind the Brand BARBWIRE NOOSE ISBN (Paperback)

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A CIP catalogue record for this title is available from the British Library.   ISBN 9781528986397 (Paperback) ISBN 9781528986403 (ePub-e-book)


Travis Enmon - together or apart you are my lover for life, but we are never to be.

Lodge 406 – I Love You, my friends.

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Government defined is a system or group of people governing an organised community, and or a state.

Broader associative definitions state – government normally consists of legislature, executive, and judiciary. Government is a means by which organisational policies are enforced, as well as a mechanism for determining policy. Each government has a kind of constitution, a statement of its governing principles and philosophy. Typically, the philosophy chosen is some balance between the principle of individual freedom and the idea of absolute state authority (tyranny).

Historical forms of government include monarchy, aristocracy, timocracy, oligarchy, democracy, theocracy and tyranny. The main aspect of any philosophy of government is how political power is obtained, with the two main forms being electoral contest and hereditary succession.

Quoting the Encyclopaedia of Britannica - 'Freemason/Co-Freemason Thomas Hobbes, (born 5th April 1588, Westport, Wiltshire, England – died 4th December 1679, Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire), English philosopher, scientist, and historian, best known for his political philosophy, especially as articulated in his masterpiece Leviathan (1651). Hobbes viewed government primarily as a device for ensuring collective security. Political authority is justified by a hypothetical social contract among the many that vests in a sovereign person or entity the responsibility for the safety and well-being of all.'

“Civil society is a concept of peace between the peoples, authorities, and nations. Governments will elude Any responsibility over a society they are ultimately allowed to flounder.” – Marcia BNoose (Princess Marcia Anita HOBBS India/Australia), Le Droit Humain.

Brand Barbwire Noose® began following a Human Rights outcry made by myself against the neglect and sexual abuse I witnessed of clients in government disabled care in South Australia.

Among other listed Human Rights, Articles 1–6 of the Universal declaration of Human Rights outline the basis of Human Rights disregard I witnessed as a disabilities officer employee of a government organisation.

Article 1

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”

Article 2

“Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.

Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.”

Article 3

“Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.”

Article 4

“No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.”

Article 5

“No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

Article 6

“Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.”

Initially, my reporting was a fight for the disabled persons I cared for to not be subject to degrading treatment - equality in dignity and rights. By 2022, Barbwire Noose® represented not only these Human Rights but overwhelmingly all Human Rights with emphasis on Article 6 - Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law. As brand founder I found myself forced into an open forum, whistleblowing against a cover up, to gain justice regarding sexual criminal offending against myself and non-cognitive mute disabled persons. Barbwire Noose® and my activism are not just a fight for a better quality of life for these disabled clients but a fight for justice for all.

From the, at the time running, Disability Royal Commission I wanted to obtain a public apology at the least from the Labor Government - governments in general. An apology too and for the suffering that these disabled people endured under government organisations in South Australia. This fight for justice, fighting for Human Rights is what the trademark registered words ‘Barbwire Noose®’ and ‘Fear Is the Root of All Weakness®’ represent. Fear Is the Root of All Weakness® – the slogan, are words which had held a long-term place written on a yellow curtain blind I purchased in 2002. This curtain blind was stolen from myself in 2022 during VICPOL torts against myself aimed to cover up sexual misconduct within police forces. Causing overwhelming emotional distress and damages as this book released without significant icons of its foundation.

It’s not a straightforward story, it’s easy to get embroiled in the drama of it all, the bottom line of Barbwire Noose® is the Empowerment of Survival, overcoming Fear, Adversity, Greed and a determination to Not allow society to flounder Human Rights to the point where the government takes the taxpayers money with no responsibility like the bad royalty it replaced.

Seen as an independent, driven, and self-reliant personality as a teenager. I left home at sixteen-and-a-half-years old after I obtained my P-plates licence in the year 2000. I completed year twelve studies in the same year while growing up on a farming property over thirty kilometres from Mount Gambier city in South Australia. Just a teenager, not yet the legal adult age of eighteen (in Australia), fresh to life outside of school and home. I moved out of home (parental care) with my boyfriend who was one year older than myself. Working for the education department (government South Australia) as an aquatic’s teacher and also after school classes. I was employed as an after-school aquatics teacher while studying year twelve.

2001 was my gap year, I deferred from legal studies at Flinders University until 2002 upon completing year twelve. I was very much enjoying teaching aquatics to all ages and abilities, chilling with my boyfriend, fun with my friends and working for a year before I jumped back into studies. Deferring University after years of studying seemed like a flawless plan.

A plan that did not eventuate. Instead of university studies in Adelaide 2002, I volunteered at an aged care home and ended up working as a Disability Officer.

I, was sexually assaulted in 2001 by a man twice my age and who was supposed to be a trusted member of the community, a police officer. This traumatic offence throwing my life into shambles, which is why I did not attend University in 2002. The traumatic and oppressive experience spiralled my life into remaining in Mount Gambier. A devastating sexual crime which was a life changing experience seeing a path of much turmoil and accomplishment as I battled the cover up, I was not aware of until later in life. This path led to the creation of brand Barbwire Noose. Remaining in Mount Gambier to become a Disabled Care Officer for the government. Events that led me to trademarking what is now the slogan of the brand “Fear Is the Root of All Weakness®”. Text scripted by myself after I was sexually abused by Kurt Slaven - the SAPOL detective that I should have been able to trust investigating my stolen car. Like the neglected and abused disabled clients of Sharley House, and others assaulted by a person they should have been able to trust, the brand's slogan represents all that holds people back and the empowerment needed to report. Facing your fears and not allowing fear to be a weakness or control you. The slogan I find is empowering and with its trademark registration I hoped to empower everyone to overcome feelings of fear.

Personally, at the youthful age of sixteen-years-old I was too scared to speak out against the SAPOL officer who raped me. An offence committed when the police officer was on duty, he threatened me after his sexual crime saying “don’t tell anyone” as he buried the condom at the door of the car as he exited from being on top of myself. A few years later I was not too scared to speak out for the mute, highly disabled clients. I witnessed a horrific lack of Human Rights, duty of care, decency, maladministration, and a culture of malpractice as a government disability sector employee. Paid employees assigned to assist their disabled peers in life (government employed carers) abusing and neglecting their fellow humans. Within a few years I had experienced and witnessed people in positions of power and responsibility detrimentally and intentionally flounder in their roles regarding Criminal neglect and criminal offending.

Sitting in my lounge room I grabbed a black texta my then boyfriend had brought home from his night fill job at Coles. I wrote the words ‘Fear Is the Root of All Weakness’ large down the middle of my yellow curtain blind covering the glass window in the front door entering the living room. Almost exactly one year after the crime committed against me, the slogan to brand Barbwire Noose was born. The adversities I faced then and now, was literally unnecessary suffering from nasty people. Suffering those life trials which were not really life’s trials especially as a child at the hands of an adult is truly a devastating life experience.

The Barbwire Noose® slogan ‘Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness’, initially drawn on my yellow curtain blind. The words literally represent my internal fight for justice. My fear to fight as a child = fear being the weakness, the weakness that allowed the sex offender to live without consequence for a long time. At the time I initially wrote the line ‘Fear Is the Root of All Weakness®’ it was personal, inspirational and a relevant thought in relation to facing trauma. Applicable to what I witnessed, neglect of duty of care and sexual abuse within the disabilities sector except these clients could Never tell anyone, they could not communicate on any level for themselves. Perfect victims for societies most vile predators. Even more vulnerable than the indigenous children in remote communities in Australia. Where I witnessed white men swoon over young indigenous wards, gay men flourish in an abundance of disadvantaged choice and old men at bank tellers requesting large sums of money while asking the young indigenous woman with clear STD infections surrounding the entire mouth if there was anything else she wanted. The standard you walk past is the standard you accept. I hope my empowering words ‘Fear Is the Root Of All Weakness’ – are a kind of push harder, don’t be weak, break that barrier – overcome feelings of fear. Words that give you the power to Say no, to disrespect, oppression, sexual violence and culturally accepted misdeeds.

Over the years the brand Barbwire Noose has at the least empowered myself against fear. Remaining focused on things external to financial gain, entrepreneurship has allowed me to indulge much formal and informal activism, empower others, influence and study. Authoring this book was activism in itself. Public accountability was the only avenue to obtain justice for persons disregarded by the highest authorities of government, (intentionally and maliciously disregarded) for so long. When government, its departments and police are determined to cover up sex offending the stakes are high and the lows are low. So many times I drew on the empowerment of the slogan and what the brand represents.

The staff who worked in Sharley House that were not involved in sexual misconduct or severe neglect let their fear of job loss oppress them. Not speaking out, fearing the consequences this would have on their lives and livelihoods was the main reason why, for years – decades there was silence about the atrocities that occurred in the disabilities sector. Money. Fear of harassment, loss of income and unemployment over-rid ethical thoughts and any actions of morality towards these absolutely defenceless clients - our peers. Shocking moral standards really, more prevalent in government employment than any other employment I’ve engaged – and I’ve worked at a casino and in real estate. I did not share the fear of monetary loss, I could go back to aquatics teaching whenever I wanted, a highly recommended and commended young swim teacher in the limestone coast. I acted as best I could to advocate for these clients, my persistence leading to the Management demoting my employment from fulltime to part-time before my hours were aligned with my after-school teaching and I was forced to choose between job harassment and aquatics teaching. Teaching with the ability to pick up in hours I chose the job that best protected my home loan repayments (I bought a house at twenty-one years old) and continued to speak out against the injustices I witnessed. I had written letters to Managers, planned a petition and took my concerns right to the top – to the disabilities minister responsible for the sector, Jay Weatherill while employed. Before Jay Weatherill was elected Premier, myself no longer working in the Disabilities Sector, I wrote to many political representatives about the malfeasance. Nick Xenophon showed interest in my email, yet the self-proclaimed independent voice of the people did not address the malfeasance, instead he seeded his way into Federal politics for a brief period from what I can see. No justice for the clients of Sharley House was achieved whistleblowing in 2010/2011.

In my thirties I wrote this book (2019 - 2023), the publication under publishing contract. It was less emotionally distressful for me to submit the manuscript to the Disability Royal Commission in hopes of justice finally for the clients of Sharley House than to rewrite a submission. I understood the government hierarchy and the extent a government would go towards floundering responsibility after years of ignorance plus the taxpayers dollars spent on rebranding the organisation in efforts to archive the report to make it go away.

Kurt Slaven, the police sex offender who offended against myself (as a minor) spoke of government corruption to myself the day he raped me. Conversation he engaged as he groomed me into a false sense of security – to take advantage of myself. A young girl whose vehicle had been stolen – a vehicle he was assigned to investigate the circumstances of its theft. The abnormal general conversation about government corruption arose as a subject as the police officer drove away from the police station and around the famous lakes of Mount Gambier, South Australia. In approximately March 2001 this SAPOL police officer stated to me that the Mount Gambier drinking water increased disabled births in the district, proven by testing and these facts were within government records. Shocked, I shared this information with my family and everyone around me.

Estranged from my family after leaving home, we didn’t speak much and they did not care to ask about the outcome from the car theft investigation. The brief conversation about the vehicle theft I would quickly lead into saying the police officer said he would contact me if persons involved were able to be ascertained. Spending more time generally on the subject change about the water as opposed to the crimes. I feared talking about, let alone reporting, the sex offence after being threatened and with the knowledge Kurt Slaven was a criminally aligned SAPOL detective. Knowledge I gained about the creep in 2002. They say knowledge is power. Clearly this police officer with this knowledge of government health risks coupled with his corruption as a detective benefitted from not publicly disclosing the concern. Power. Also, an abuse of power like he abused myself and many young girls in Mount Gambier. Fifteen years later reporting the old paedophile how the power tables turned. Not before insurmountable damage to my life and livelihood was caused by police and criminal counterparts in an endless affray to cover up sex offences. Quoting Michelle Alexander SAPOL ‘your statement against Kurt Slaven is power’, odd thing to say to a victim. After years of oppression tactics, numerous no convictions on charges stemming from institutional abuse against me, a victim, I finally understood the loser cops inappropriate comment.

This book shines a light on the truth in its story. Not only was there a cover up in the disabilities sector for Mount Gambier prior to myself working in the sector, but also this police officer that disclosed this information to me was also known to be criminally involved with paedophile affiliated biker gangs. Gangs known for their involvement in extortion, blackmail, and sexual exploitations. Surreal as bikers are not supposed to be known to protect paedophiles yet were. Everyone apparently has a price, including the bikers with paedophile offending irrefutably. Outrageous and considering I first hand witnessed and lived the malfeasance and malicious intentional criminal cover ups over both the disabilities and policing sectors, it is plainly put fucked up.

I literally first learnt of the corruption in government involving the disabled demographic at the time when the police officer, on duty investigating the theft of my VH Commodore vehicle, committed a sexual offence against myself. The exact claim about the water was made in 2001. Police officer Kurt Slaven said that the water from the global tourist attraction the Blue Lake, Lakes Area in Mount Gambier South Australia had been proven to have increased the rate of disabled persons born in the area.

It was around when I turned nineteen years of age (2003) that I began work with the government organisation Intellectually Disabled Services Council (IDSC), I started to report to management about the neglect and sexual abuse I witnessed in 2003. A teenager doing the right thing, speaking up. Little did I know I was becoming a whistle-blower, shining a light on the importance of Human Rights.

In the years prior to working with the Disabled and registering Barbwire Noose®, I had volunteered at The Oaks Aged Care Facility, located on the outskirts of Mount Gambier. This volunteer experience further assisted in myself acquiring my position within the Disability Services Sector. The fact that I had been a government employee previously as an aquatics teacher, the Education Department sector was my foot in the door for government positions.

I loved volunteering at The Oaks. The facility provided a wonderful environment for the elderly and the staff were amazing mentors to me. Providing great guidance as I assisted with general tasks and provided company for residents. I assisted at meal times, and with special activities organised for clients at the facility, recalling Management and staff fondly.

Teaching Aquatics I gained experience with persons with disabilities. Teaching many disabled children over these years I gained extensive experience regarding interaction with disabled - special needs persons. Prior to witnessing neglect in the government disability sector I had years of experience working within the aquatics teaching fields with special needs persons. Personally taught to Swim Teach by one of the best females in the swim coaching field in Australia in the nineties into the 2000’s. I was privileged to have met some of Mount Gambier’s disabled networks as a teacher prior to being involved in the disabilities sector further. Teachers, parents, community services and carers – many persons devoted to disabled persons experiencing their best quality life in the local area. My teaching interactions with disabled networks locally were nothing like my experience with the government.

It was a cry of activism in itself - trademarking the infamously ‘Famous’ brand name and slogan before its time. The brand, brought to life with the online registration of my Intellectual Property (IP) in Australia. The registration of both my trademarks was made in secret. I sat in a small computer room of a lovely two story home. I had to make two applications, the brand name and slogan initially on one application, and then one application for just the slogan alone. Both trademarks were lodged with complete confidentiality at the two story premises, I remember vividly the massive Japanese Elm tree out front, its leaves like that of a marijuana plant. My trademarks were lodged during the six months where I was assigned counselling to deal with the neglect, sexual crimes and harassment I had reported seeing. Before I was pushed out of my position and left to deal with the emotional distress of my concerns about Sharley House after little changed to help these disabled persons. Our peers.

In 2019, beginning to author this autobiography, the climate of whistleblowing in over fifteen years had not changed. The government was still very much set on a cover up campaign instead of improving the performance of the sector, accountability and integrity. My personal experiences whistleblowing government departments under both governments of Australia (Labor and Liberal), state and federal levels of governance exposes much resistance to transparency, accountability and integrity. Sexual Offences, rorts, pork barrelling, malpractice, maladministration - a general standard of malfeasance that continued well into the formation of integrity legislation. The same injustices and disregard towards human rights. Royal Commissions and cover ups side by side with orders of malicious intent (e.g. Mullighan Inquiry) and governing with heinous crimes committed by the few that had governed within Australia. Our young country Australia, guilty of the same atrocities as the old. Spanning over decades, it is important to always speak out publicly regarding matters witnessed when a cover up is evident – a ‘cover up’ is ultimately illegal as fuck. Transparency the enemy to tyranny.

To start with my actions were not whistleblowing, just a simple campaign of lead by example hoping to influence change - transformational leadership. I began to address the shortcomings within the disabled caring field by being the example of, for lack of better wording, the ‘perfect carer’. No one is perfect, but I damn well did my very best, every day trying to set a good example. Never missing any duties, feed times, medication, personal hygiene, and comfort needs – heating/cooling and entertainment such as television or stereo system sounds. I conducted all of my work to the highest of standards. Going the extra mile with, televised/musical entertainment, making sure the heating and cooling was on. Practising ‘thoughtfulness’ which only some carers engaged. A genuine consciousness about caring for another, considerations to presentation with clothing choices is a job requirement not thoughtfulness. I would pick up on any jobs the other carers were ignoring, a bitter-sweet choice and almost a mistake as the vigilance was obvious and left myself with a much heavier workload. The worst of my co-workers deliberately floundering at their duties knowing I would not leave a client without their necessary care. I then started to report the misconduct I witnessed, and nothing changed. Meetings were held to discuss the ongoings, meetings which seemed to focus on myself rather than the problems. Managers writing letters in reply to my letters full of empty promises to address raised concerns. Empty promises as nothing ever changed. To me it seemed like the approach was to ignore me, a young woman in her early twenties and cast aside the concern with petty commentary hoping I would go away. I finally addressed the disabled minister of South Australia – Jay Weatherill when the ignorance and passing the buck had spanned over a year. Writing to the highest of authority in the sector about serious neglect and sexual abuse, yet still No resignations or dismissals and no investigation by SAPOL into rape. At this time there was no real action at all that brought a better standard of care. The lack of an investigation by police or sexual assault charges and no dismissals really bothered me. Especially with the residual of the sex acts occurring being prominent on observation of the client. For example excessively red private areas prominent, significant emotional distress signs - an increase in rocking and teeth grinding at this time, tighter foetal position, raw and red breast regions.

To investigate my reports the Mount Gambier hospital was only a stone’s throw away from the high dependency home Sharley House. The reality that victim clients were never taken for a rape test, the most appalling reality behind gaining justice for such hideous criminal offending against voiceless, non-cognitive persons. The state Labor government’s complete disregard for these lives became more evident with the sector’s finances wasted on renaming IDSC to Disability SA as opposed to real investigatory actions and remedy. It was overwhelming and emotionally distressing to witness such efforts towards a cover up and the lack of efforts put towards better conditions for the criminally abused and neglected clients. Being a voice for these disabled persons only led to myself being harassed at the disabled care facility house of Sharley Avenue and eventually, after years, pushed out of my position all together. I was very disheartened by these experiences as a young lady working in this environment and witnessing such atrocities.

More concisely how it went down was, an extensive period of time passed without adequate address of the reports I made about the neglect, abuse, and malpractice by these government carers. I was then made part-time and pushed out of what was a full-time employment. Almost immediately after making report’s on behalf of our non-cognitive peers, the members of staff I reported against were alerted of the reports made and I was targeted with petty harassment by almost the Entire department, staff through to the disability minister. The department and staff seemingly leaving neglect and sexual abuse unaddressed to focus on a character assassination agenda aimed at myself. A person they did not socialise with, who was not in their social circles or even age demographics. Never having met any of my co workers prior to employment at Sharley house. God knows how I was being crucified for having a conscience, for speaking out and telling the truth, for doing the right thing - for being the whistle-blower, but I was. I felt cast aside and like I was being prepared to be dismissed at this stage and discussed this at counselling. I was right. Feeling like management was trying to strangle me into silence via oppression tactics, paid leave - isolation and being demoted from full-time to part-time. The cost of counselling was at the taxpayers expense, instead of an investigation ran into the sex crimes committed against Shaz, Georgina and others. In counselling we spoke of public exposure for accountability and about approaching the Channel Seven News Media and shows like A Current Affair. Many sessions regarding coping with stress and tips to ensure my body was not suffering from the negative impacts of reporting were discussed. I made it clear that I am all natural and would not take depression tablets so as much as the government would have loved me on pills, it was not an option. Exercise, making sure I was going outside, food consumption and a few other little tips discussed in these counselling sessions was exactly what I needed. A recreational marijuana smoker, this was something I did not disclose to the counsellor, but my use very much assisted with stress and depression relief. These days I have a script for medicinal cannabis and could without detriment declare my use and what helps me overcome trauma (PTSD). The counsellor, I was lucky, was the perfect counsellor and perfect person for me at this time. She understood there was nothing wrong with me, I was just an empath and doing the right thing.

Here is where the pursuit for human rights really started. When it became whistleblowing for incapacitated persons – the most severely disabled in our society, voiceless. Putting thought into how to gain accountability, the trademark registration of Brand Barbwire Noose becoming an outlet for me to further make a righteous stance.

Other than learning how normal it was to stand up for others – a fact to which I clearly already knew, the counsellor seeing through the paid leave, creating of mental instabilities and counselling as a scapegoat for the government sector at this time. I, young and learning about the world, never forgot the small things the counsellor said to myself and how insightful she was regarding the impact of media with accountability - if you could get yourself heard. I can’t imagine how hard life would have been without the counsellor being such a breath of fresh air during an almost impossible to bare moment. The same can not be said of her services I privately started to pay for in 2021 where she jumped to defamatory conclusions I would modify a document (implying criminality in my nature, which had never been evident to her) and she also seemed to be searching to diagnose my mental status which I certainly was Not paying her to do. A woman who had never experienced military technology, police warfare or serious criminal negligence, affray trauma or elite cover ups – bitch please, I was insulted by her insinuating. Instead of supporting my need to alleviate emotional distress due to warfare technology, privacy invasion and disruption activities internationally and maliciously caused by police; instead of supporting my general well-being, which is why I was paying her, she added to the damages and defamation. The only rational thing I could do was sack her as my counsellor and refuse to engage in her service’s removing her name from this book as I no longer commend nor recommend her.

I had been seriously assaulted by my brother’s poor choice of girlfriends and friends just prior to the counselling sessions in 2004 funded by IDSC. The three on one low life gang attack associated with the Gypsy Jokers on myself occurred during my reporting of neglect and sexual assaults, prior to being put on leave. Reality was I felt traumatised enough without witnessing the dismissal and disregard of human life all together by the Labor government, Jay Weatherill and much of Management in the Disability Sector South Australia. Followed by the new manager pushing me out of employment altogether, while I was going through court proceedings to get the offenders who assaulted me convicted. I was lucky I was still aquatics teaching part-time at this time. Life was very disheartening. Smiling kids and the silly things they would say lightened up any day. Despite a distinct sequence of events which seemed designed to spiral anyone into deep depression from emotional distress, worst case scenario there were clear hopes I would seek the refuge of suicide.

The assault by my brother’s poor choice of girlfriends was an incident reported via triple zero. Our family of four had not long finished dinner to celebrate my mother’s birthday at a Thai restaurant on the main street of Mount Gambier, Commercial Street. Approximately six police officers of the Mount Gambier Police Station attended this assault to which I was the victim in September, year 2004. My brother was dating a prostitute’s daughter whom was apparently following her mother’s career path. You can choose your friends, but you cannot choose your family. I received counselling from Victims of Crimes for this assault around the same time IDSC funded counselling for the emotional distress I witnessed in the Disability sector. Victims of Crime is a great service, paid for by a levy Australian’s pay under certain legislation requirements. I am forever grateful to these services regarding this physical assault.

The sessions I had in counselling quietly served me personally to dissect the pain I endured during the vicious assault of 2004 (detailed in Autobiography UGLY HEROS – The Price of Unlawful Enforcement). I had no understanding as to why my own mother sat emotionless, without saying a word in the car after I was seriously assaulted on her birthday by my brother’s ex-girlfriend he was still involved with and her friends. Three girls attacking myself in front of my brother, associated with my brother and the Gypsy Joker biker gang predominant in Mount Gambier. I sustained a broken nose and a dental injury, compensated via Victims of Crime. Both my dad and triple ‘zero’ were contacted after the attack. The offenders were immediately reported and two of the three aggressors were convicted and issued with lifetime intervention orders as a result of the crime. My father drove me to the Hospital and walked me into the emergency area where I was seen after a short wait by a crappy male doctor who noted my broken nose without getting me an ice pack. My mother showed no care for my state or the pain I was in and remained the car as I was treated. An estranged and broken family really, the relationship between my parents and myself is evidently reflected in this moment. A traumatic experience causing furthermore emotional distress in my life, I always sought the refuge of Music to alleviate my pain. Something Heavier than Soundgarden this time. Band KORN, album Take a Look in the Mirror, song ‘Let’s do this now’ standing out as a song and album overall that got me through.

By 2020 my firsthand experiences witnessing cover ups using maladministration, malpractice, rebranding, psychological warfare, character assassination tactics, computer systems and program upgrades to intentionally conceal malfeasance was extensive. I had whistle-blown government departments under both governments, state and federal. Even whistleblowing over government party changes on both a state and national level which resulted in a mix of irrefutable cover up agendas serving both the liberal and Labor governments alike. Australia’s governance climate at this time riddled with sexual offences, misappropriation of funds - rorts, pork barrelling, maladministration, malpractice. A general consensus of malfeasance that overwhelmingly dominated the country's leadership roles and law enforcement sectors. Malfeasance that continued well into the formation of national integrity legislation. Police and governments confident they could push most victims and witnesses into silence, destitution, or the refuge of suicide. With a lot of lived experience watching cover ups play out, I found myself using the brand Barbwire Noose® to make statements regarding integrity and human rights. Knowing I was the only one telling the truth, I was quietly the most confident in the room. A legally minded academic with no real skeletons, nothing to lose and a drive to survive to get justice I took on the cover ups. These same injustices committed with malicious intentional disregard for human rights and governing with a history of heinous crimes had been committed by all that had governed Australia, it was time to change the climate of Australia to one of peace and humanity. In my eyes, simply, enough was enough. Our young country Australia after a quarter of a century of white colonisation was guilty of the same Human Rights atrocities as Captain Arthur Phillip. Never forget, transparency is the enemy to tyranny.

‘Barbwire Noose’ and how these words came about have a much more simple and straightforward explanation than the relevance and complexities delved into immediately in this publication. The intricacies that influenced my trademarking of the slogan words ‘Fear Is the Root of All Weakness’ much more complicated than the development of the brand name. A passion for music as much as fashion, I plucked the brand name Barbwire Noose® from the American Grunge band Soundgarden song ‘Pretty Noose’. I used the song as therapy while on paid leave issued by the South Australian Government Disabilities Sector. The words inspiring the Barbwire Noose® name are within the title (‘Pretty’ Noose = Barbwire Noose) and the line from the song that was expressive of how I felt at this time was ‘And I Don’t Like What You Got Me Hanging From’. The line to me relating to the oppression I felt. That sense of strangulation into silence from the government were my interpretations of the lyrics in this moment. Oppression, of the vilest kind. Feeling I was being held in a corner with what I knew of crimes under government departments, and being character assassinated as I was outspoken. The counselling was being used as an excuse to treat myself like a victim needing mental assistance after I reported the neglect and criminal conduct I witnessed. Condemned for expressing my concerns and feelings regarding the severe neglect and traumas these clients endured. I witnessed not just red raw sexual regions, but also hair trimmed on this client’s vagina. For months, I was concerned about the distress of one particular client after a male worker had his night shift. A distinct smell of sex, condom lubricant and vagina fluids, correlating with the red private region of the client and the male’s shift. Another female client incapacitated, and mute would always hold herself extra tight in the foetal position after this males shift with red breasts and also a red private region. The nightshift was traded with a homosexual woman on a weekly rotation basis, the smell of condom lubricate and vagina fluid never present when the female worker conducted the night shift.

A metaphorical coping mechanism, music is an open to interpretation art. These circumstances leading myself to think and interpret these lyrics as expressive regarding my feelings of oppression. The intentional reduction of my voice through paid leave was brutal for me. The worst strangulation one could possibly endure being a barbed wire noose. This is the birth of the brand name ‘Barbwire Noose’, just a song and my upset, raging imagination. Energy that crafted the birth of a brand for positive change and a motivation to do something more with my voice. Contribute to ‘A Better World’. Fear Is the Root of All Weakness® – the slogan was too long to be a brand name, when the thought of Barbwire Noose® came about it instantly resonated as something I liked, was meaningful and was not too long. Secretly trademarked after I personally designed a font for both the slogan ‘Fear Is the Root of All Weakness’ and the brand name ‘Barbwire Noose’, I was young designing the logo and look back on the black metal kind of look and love that I indulged the little goth in me. Getting to the end of the year 2006 I was still awaiting approval of my Intellectual Property from IP Australia regarding Barbwire Noose words. Over a year without approval was concerning, I had kept the application away from prying eyes but wondered why there was a delay. I had checked the trademark at the time of application, there was nothing that the logo was infringement of and it had no competitor which would be effected by this unique registration. It was not until approximately late 2007, years after my application that I could start to share brand Barbwire Noose® with the world. Printing my first threads in 2008, it was a kind of corny pair of underwear pyjamas and some T-shirts. Barbwire Noose® forging its foundations of empowerment to make ‘A Better World’ with outspokenness against injustices and by fumbling into the groove of things (the technicalities of fashion) while I sold real estate and remained teaching.

The brand is pieces of me, and I feel truly blessed that spanning into two decades of Barbwire Noose® the brand has evolved into all the beauty I wanted to see in the world and combating the ugly that is there.

The first book I thought I would write is, the tale leading up to the establishment of my brand. Starting an autobiography on my first laptop, a silver Compaq purchased from Harvey Norman in the early 2000s with a Go Mastercard. The laptop is what I designed the font and logo for Barbwire Noose® on. The trademark logo, a simple text font I personally barbed up in an upgrade in the good old basic ‘Paint’ program. Drawing the three coil, four prong barb with a mouse and the paint program tools. To achieve the slogan’s look – ‘Fear Is the Root of All Weakness®’ I used a different feature to the barb feature to personalise the script. A warp/swirl selective tool in the program used to an intensification that distorted the text yet kept it readable crafted the look. The design, basic yet creative, exploited the words to the point to which the scripture was unique with clarity. Fifteen plus years later, here is a book.

To tell The Story Behind the Brand BARBWIRE NOOSE® is to paint a picture of what led me to such frustrated emotions that I developed a brand of empowerment and a brand name like Barbwire Noose®. The literature you read, hopefully immersing, aims to paint the picture of my life’s experiences that tells The Story Behind the Brand. The label is an extension of myself, my life, my One Love. It represents so many things, the trials and the enduring atrocities of government sector corruption, a movement towards ‘A Better World’. A movement driven by my passion for justice for the clients in the disabilities sector, a subconscious fight for myself and Justice for All. I am so passionately infuriated by the lack of human rights our voiceless and most vulnerable persons had in our society. This outspoken, unconventional, Do NOT Conform Human Rights Activism is brand Barbwire Noose®. Empowerment of ‘A Better World’ – Activism Defending Human Rights. The Brand to me is more than clothes, wearing the label is a statement. An empowering movement, built from a struggle for change against government authority in the disabilities sector and beyond, to create positive change at a governance level. Empowering lessons of civil disobedience – ‘Do NOT Conform’ moments.

My life laid bare is often referred to as a foundation of great courage. Altruism, an active fight for everyone and myself into my 30s – where I completely spat it, literally swearing and screamed at police and politicians alike at times for years. On record, numerous records, voice messages – I left reminders of the crimes they were so desperate to cover up. Staring in the face of the most corrupt climate of Australian governance I had known. It is an unpopular venture, whistleblowing. Yet it is popular with everyone affected quietly, many egging me on to continue to fight as they toppled at the weigh-side in their own convictions. I was a one point “Australia’s Most Infamous Whistle-blower” regarding inhumane gross negligence, criminal conduct, government corruption, maladministration and malpractice. Hated by many police (loved by a few too) and politicians, beginning reports of malpractice within governance from such a young age (19). Witnessing an extensive amount of government sector misconduct in various departments, it’s overwhelming and isolating. Great endeavour for the anti-social if you can survive psychological warfare impacts. The illegal torture engaged upon whistle-blowers globally and allowed to occur to Australians is not just highlighted in the excessively unnecessary incarceration of Julian Assange. A man who after all these years should be free, the blokes well and truly done his time no matter what the United States thinks of our Australian.

It is a legal obligation as a government employee to report integrity and criminal concerns, for years the legal obligations and avenues of reporting to create integrity were avoided by the government. Reporting illegal care under IDSC in 2005 was like smashing your head against a brick wall. I had been telling the same stories to management and the minister repeatedly, year in year out with no result – nothing changed. The government taking any avenues lacking accountability hoping it would be enough while bidding for silence. Bidding for me to be silent. The risk of waiting until this manuscript was complete to physical publication during life threatening circumstances, recklessly endangered by cover ups had the stakes too high. Profits were never my first thought during my plight for justice for these voiceless disabled persons. Sharing my manuscript, made the submission fast and it was already public. Fortifying the risk that these clients’ voices would go unheard during the years of a Disability Royal Commission was not an option to me. In the end, public accountability was the only way to gain resolution in the astronomical cover up of governmental malpractice, maladministration – corruption and criminal conduct I could prove and witnessed ongoing.

A state and federal Liberal government in 2020 hid the lie regarding Mount Gambier’s drinking water safety, as this autobiography was submitted to the Disability Royal Commission. The Labor government members involved in the cover ups desperately trying to hide the gross neglect and severe sexual abuse of disabled persons under government care right in front of my eyes. Irrefutably, the government evidently bred disabilities in regional South Australia knowingly for years. Writing this autobiography, I had witnessed over fifteen years of government departments covering up dismissible conduct, criminal acts, and rebranding departments, instead of accountability. At nineteen years of age it seemed we lived in a somewhat standard-less society, myself a teenager growing into what seemed to be a chaotic world. At thirty-six years of age with my own fashion label and the lead designer, with a modelling career, much volunteering and activism under the belt, an ex government employee, establishing myself as an author - this chaos ongoing in modern society was mind blowing. It made me numb, unwilling to trust and overall unenthusiastic about what I witnessed in a evidently slightly fucked up world. So barbaric, such dehumanisation in times of such heights in education and technology over time made the choices of the leaders around me seem So absurd.

The government and Australian police force had proven they were not going to do the right thing without me being unwilling to be silenced. The disturbing truth was there was a lot of unwillingness to charge numerous sex offenders. Those who raped myself were in some shape or form known to police, as I was apparently under surveillance. Not fit for purpose legislation which allowed numerous intentionally neglectful investigations, privacy act and surveillance act breaches, illegal utilisation (reckless endangerment), criminal negligence, irrefutable criminal conduct and offending. Plus an acknowledgement of a cover up ever since I reported Kurt Slaven. I knew how hard it was going to be getting justice for people who could never tell their own story. Myself, a walking, talking, vital woman was being completely dismissed by authorities responsible for not only charging the offenders but some even responsible for the offending. In my thirties I knew there was no way police and government were going to do the right thing by the vulnerable disabled clients in concern, especially if they succeeded in silencing me.

Speaking out for years on both the disabilities and policing front led to lower lows and deeper depths in a vile police fuelled sex offender cover up campaign. Determination and anger at the frivolous outcomes. Talking about how I was going to become a politician and change these types of injustices in 2004, I actually filed a political party with the Electoral Commission in 2021, The Australian Freedom Party. By this stage, the years of malicious accusations with no basis or facts that had spread for over a decade also disrupted my application into politics not just disrupting my avenues of business and Barbwire Noose. Not fit for purpose laws and a seedy, corrupt government during a warring world was a dismal look for the direction of Australia. The government had left Australia in a vulnerable position of totalitarianism with China on the cusp of war over Taiwan as Russia fought to take Ukraine.

When you’ve been punished for doing the right thing, you hate your oppressors. I am not at all a fan of Australia’s reigning governments. Because of being forced to face my fears often, my amygdala is to describe it numb (brain neurons fear receptor), I no longer react emotionally with fight or flight. In high stress situations, I am completely logical, rational and numb at times – cold, callous, calculated. You are almost dangerous after intensely living in survival mode being punished, pillaged and raped for doing the right thing. The whistle-blower protection policy of South Australia in my case a lot of the time was just a piece of paper.

Barbwire Noose® despite all the adversities as you read made successful progress within any setbacks. Especially when I was aware of the agendas I was up against. Human Rights unlegislated do not hold any judicial proceedings conveniently for the government of Australia. Exposed to the public though, these atrocities could change. It was irrefutable that the police force had operated recklessly and out-of-control with my life, it was irrefutable the government was covering up severe duty of care and crimes. Such illegal and criminal conduct surrounds my Human Rights plight that (at this time) presents as one of the biggest cases in history regarding unconstitutional, malicious and intentional corruption – malpractice and maladministration with extensive criminal offences committed against my persons at the tax payers expense. The UGLY HEROS autobiography, as referred, defines and exposes the out-of-control police force I witnessed and much gory details of The Price of Unlawful Enforcement. I do not know how I survived, Barbwire Noose® survived out of sheer grit, my NEVER giving up on a dream. Nearly everyone I knew abandoned me during this fight for justice. Unfortunately, many people have things to hide and the government exposing those in its dirty defamatory character assassination campaign left many too weak and scared to stand for justice by my side. A prime example that – Fear Is the Root of All Weakness®. Scared of a Big Brother government. The invasive surveillance of Federal Police and the association laws caused most people to cower, lie, cheat and deny their crimes in self-preservation. I watched felons exploit the association laws for years, laws that are not fit for purpose. Laws that allowed the malfeasance of the Labor government and sex offending police to exploit my life and cover up crimes – vile sex crimes. Cover ups at the expense of mute, defenceless, non-cognitive disabled and myself which were aided by police, criminal counterparts and even freemasons alike. As a whistle-blower, a Human Rights Activist, a protester, I left the Freemason lodge I had joined. Lacking faith in what they were and what they wanted me to become. Human Rights legislation should not be a fight that is still being had in the twenty-first century. We’ve spent millions of dollars to put man on the moon, yet we live in a world incapable of just loving each other in peace and harmony. Children are raped and starving, while billionaires count coins in competition to die rich, good men are sent to war to fight over commodities. Man made money VS Environment and Humanity; it Really is Crazy.

Again highlighting the volatility of the reckless endangerment I was subject to in efforts to stop the story of Barbwire Noose being told, risking the wait until this manuscript was complete to physical publication during obvious delays and life threatening circumstances was too high. Profits were never a thought during my plight for justice. Running the risk that these disabled persons voices would go unheard during the years of whistleblowing was not an option to me. Personal gain was never my agenda, so as time passed and the need to remain heard amongst the malicious cover up continued, I made public my manuscripts during drafting and at times proofing. When the contracted publisher failed to produce adequate editing and dates of finalisation for the publication registered in British Library I released the ePub-e-book to the National Library Australia. The publicised facts ensuring there could be no cover up, literally at times as facts were recorded to Autobiographical form. It was the only way to gain resolution in the astronomical government malfeasance – corruption, a cover up of criminal conduct I could prove and witnessed ongoing.

It is a Hell of a story. What made brand Barbwire Noose®, is a piece of every one of us, and kind of the story of my life – thus far. Trials, tribulations, injustices, highs, and lows. This story is that rollercoaster many of us ride before we die. Cruising along with the world, some screaming, some smiling, some are too scared to try. If nothing else I hope this book brings you inspiration, knowledge, and a will to fight for Human Rights, Justice, and your own Freedoms. For me, it saved my life.

Chapter One

‘With Hindsight, Nothing Changes’

No shrinking violet and an ‘A’ Grade student at school. I am confident and self-assured. A philanthropic and empathetic nature that shone bright as a youth, I often stopped at the elderly next door neighbours house on the way home from High School. A cancer diagnosed elderly lacking visitors and with a carer for only a few hours a day. I would ride my Huffy Mountain bike home from the main road bus stop. An old white metal road barely a couple of kilometres from the main highway to our farm block, Mr Mac was part of the discovery of the Famous Mount Gambier Tourist Attraction Princess Margaret Rose Caves and would tell the stories of his cave discoveries. His son resided next door on the other side of his property compared to my parents’ farm. This area of Kongorong predominantly cattle and sheep farming. Mr Mac’s property was a large sheep and cattle farm. My parents farmed cattle and emu on our approximately forty acres hobby farm. We had a few cattle and also a menagerie of native animals. His shelves were filled with the biggest National Geographic collection I had seen, and I would spend time after school with the debilitated, dying elderly achiever reading National Geographic. He gave me a horse. I had ridden horses from an early age and was very grateful for this gift. Spending my aquatics teaching earnings to look after Krystal, named after my first childhood best friend. All the neighbours indulged in his stories of discovery. His conversations were often also fixated on how he longed to stay able to be part of the farm operations his son inherited. I was very much the centre of attention in most places, still am these days – loud and at times entertaining. The stop at Mr Mac’s house was a quiet place where I was patient and listening to stories of old adventures and discovery. He would rip out the old Barley sugars as a treat. Us kids did not really eat them, having a joke he would suck on them and then wrap them back up. Kids. In spring my brother and I would pick fruit at Mr Mac’s farm for the families of our road. We all shared the extra produce of fruit and vegetables that each of us in the four farm houses of this road grew. Nothing beats off the plant, onto the plate living.

A frail, well lived elderly man before he passed away, I felt obligated most days to pop my head in and say hello. Care and compassion are very natural emotions to me, an undeniable empath.

As a child I was fascinated with gemstones. My mother heavily into astrology and naturopathic practices, these beliefs are considered alternative to her traditional spiritual upbringing. Mum was brought up attending the Anglican Church. I was fascinated with witchcraft, Mum would always warn me never to touch a Ouija board. I own one and think they are a dangerous yet harmless tool. Connecting good and bad energy entities with human life at times. Believe what you will, that is how I feel about witchcraft. It is energy, in the end we are all just atoms and molecules – elements with energetic charge forming life. At home, I had an Alter in my bedroom and was very much interested in witchcraft, practising from the book ‘Modern Magic’ second edition by Donald Michael Kraig for years. Grey magic. Discovering that the saying blood from a stone is not literal, the Apache tears stone would be bleeding in my hand during times of practice after being heated by candle flame, leaving a maroon, red stain on my skin. Esoteric to the core. High Distinctions – mainly A grades, a strict farm upbringing, netball with friends and witchery was basically my youth. I have a major addiction to learning – reading, documentaries, historical stories and biographies.

I think taking the time to listen to others – experiences outside of my own, gave me a unique perspective on humanity. Teenage life is predominantly about being focused on personal achievements and your friends, evolving into that natural inner growth. I seemingly benefited from the companionship of my age group and learning from the elderly during my teenage years, volunteering to read and assist the elderly after I moved from my strict but happily dysfunctional home life after High School.

One of my best friend’s during high school was also an ‘A’ Grade student, her younger brother was affected by disability. She was just as intelligent as me, just not as outgoing. Hanging out with her gave my righteous and privileged upbringing a humble element of how lucky I was. The family was a middle, upper class family that lived near the high school we attended. They were very caring and generally quiet, reflected in my bestie’s manner. She had a compassionate consideration for people that seemed to stem from her everyday interactions with her brother. She was naturally a gentle breeze in her personality, until it came to grades in assessments, we challenged each other to achieve higher marks. We studied together and competed so to speak with our grades until she left to study at a in town school. My friend’s group being basically all academics and farm kids, I have fond memories of High School.

Having had deferred my University acceptance for one year, which was a bitter sweet decision as if I had have left for Adelaide straight out of high school the sexual offending committed by police officer Kurt Slaven would Never have had occurred.

No longer on the university path in 2002, The Oaks Aged Care was a fantastic facility to volunteer at, and was my first formal carer experience prior to gaining employment as a Disability Officer. Volunteering with the elderly, I met the most amazing old lady in the first room on the right at the facility. I must say volunteering was a great distraction from the haunting thoughts about the sexual assault. Though I did not realise this great distraction was also distracting me from the start of an ongoing string of events, inflicting deep suffering on my life. My experiences volunteering at the Oaks aged care facility at 18-years-of-age predominantly came about as I was unemployed after underemployment. I was unable to gain much aquatics teaching work for approximately a six month period of time after Kurt Slaven attempted to sexually abuse me for the second time. I still had not reported the sex offence feeling I really had no option to report him to the police station where he worked. Seeing how the Mount Gambier police station handled my report in 2018, I was right to have been scared. A station which has never been Royal Commission audited despite years of reporting. Mount Gambier riddled with seedy sex offenders, ICE users and a large majority of police officers complicit in corruption. An irrefutable immoral culture exists with there focus on dehumanisation and institutional abuse.

Underemployment, sexual trauma and the oppression from Kurt Slaven’s threat nearly pushing me to the refuge of suicide as a teenager. It was a character assassination campaign executed by spreading damaging slander (defamation) within a small town, utilising Mount Gambier’s seedy underworld and elite community members. A character assassination campaign I was unaware of for over a decade. Gossip instigated by the police sex offender Kurt Slaven. The beginnings of his cover up of his seedy crime being what prevented myself from gaining employment at this time. My dad also hindered my employment prospects at times I learned in 2020, he had believed I was a prostitute in 2001. I was just a teenage child - his child. Some of his fewer fine moments and poor decisions in his life leading him to a distorted interpretation of the truth. Malicious accusations with no basis or facts made against me, a kid really who had just moved out of home.

The emotional distress I suffered without my Aquatics Teaching position at this time was making me incredibly sad and bored. Being unaware that SAPOL police were causing much reputational damage to my character as a teenager, it was only when the experience repeated itself that all became clear. Deja vu to which NTPOL also repeated in 2023 making malicious accusations with no basis or facts causing reckless endangerment in the small rural town of Alice Springs. A tight nit community like Mount Gambier, SA except it was the current crime capital of the Nation making headlines for the desertions of the town in droves.

The police in the Northern Territory, like SAPOL spreading rumours in intentional neglectful investigations going as far as intentional criminal negligence making implications I was an informant and accusations I was in trouble. Section 54 of the Crimes Act 1900 makes it an offence punishable by a maximum penalty of two years in prison to engage in negligence which causes grievous bodily harm. I was lucky the felon with a known history of assault and domestic violence did not harm myself due to NTPOL detectives conduct. ... I can’t control what others do, say or think but I can be my own plot twist and not let them get away with it. Your Call Drama, like my BN Couture slogan. After removing myself from the vicinity of immediate danger I walked straight into the Alice Springs police station and asked them what the fuck they thought they were doing endangering my life! Recording myself calling police out on Rayban stories sun glasses – this technology is bold.

I’ve been unfortunately stalked by numerous police officers and two are guilty of sexual offences. In 2017 into 2018 (that I know of) police officer Damian Ferrari, who had been stalking myself on Ararat Police station computers, raped me into a relationship after attending a horse racing event. An extravagant plot from police commissioners of SAPOL and VICPOL behind this callous behaviour also. Navigating the duress and leaving this seedy old police officer was as dangerous as reporting Kurt Slaven. Especially as Travis Enmon, my fiancée (2021) and I were in communication declaring our love to each other while Damian made efforts to trap me on the isolated farm. A detailed statement given to VICPOL in November 2018 makes clear how under duress I was introduced to his friends as his girlfriend while he paraded me around regional Victoria wineries. The circumstances surrounding Damian Ferrari stalking myself and raping me were aided and abetted by a Detective called Aaron Roche who clearly thought I had been or was a prostitute after I assisted him with the murder of Gordon Hamm investigation in 2014 and 2015. Police are gossips when they should not be. The police are the most at fault regarding the spread of malicious accusations with no basis or facts creating adverse circumstances throughout my life. Intentional misappropriations of funds and maladministration to allow corrupt police to run smear campaigns only to benefit police and governmental cover ups of sex crimes. Damian was a powerful police officer in VICPOL, the station Commander at the Ararat Police station. A scarier rank to report than detective Kurt Slaven in a town and state that knew little about me. The station had just confiscated ketamine from a rave to which Damian insinuated he used to rape me whilst mocking me calling him out about the crime with other comments like “prove it”. Meaning prove he drugged and raped me after the long day drinking at the races. He forced my groggy from ketamine self into the relationship with him the following day after committing this sexual crime. In shock, without my car and isolated, under duress I could not argue against the couple introductions to his peers. Damian reassured me under duress that he genuinely cared about my situation with SAPOL. Like inducing Stockholm syndrome he stated that both the Victoria police commissioner and the South Australian police commissioner were conspiring to cover up Kurt Slaven offence. Planning to blame another police officer (Andrew Cherry) who apparently didn’t want to be blamed. He stated police were also disrupting Barbwire Noose ability to engaged profitable business expansion. He assured me that his goal was to stop this from happening to me. Furthermore trying to convince me of the relationship by offering access to his bank accounts. Which I declined, planning to leave and marry my American guy Travis. This criminal offending by Damian Ferrari and many other criminal acts by police exposed years of joint operations including using the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to cover up sex crimes committed by serving police officers. If only the police were a ‘No Sheeple Zone’ like Barbwire Noose.

The necessity to distract my mind to recover from the first sex crimes committed against myself by police officer Kurt Slaven in 2001 is a lifelong recovery process. The unknown disruption occurring towards my life causes much Mental Anguish. Volunteering, employment and hanging with my mates were a distraction from the hideous crime committed against myself that I was too scared to report. As if being sexually assaulted by someone whom I should have been able to trust, wasn’t bad enough. Then there’s the self-worth issues rape victims suffer after being raped. Employment empowering self-worth, the aim of a seedy police force was evidently to spiral myself into the refuge of suicide with a character assassination. Sadly, I am sure this is not the first time police engaged such activities, heart breaking to think of the lives that have been destroyed with slander and defamatory propaganda. A well-educated, well-presented applicant to employers, hardworking and ethical finding it hard to gain employment in a small town is almost unfathomable. Holding me from employment and interactions with people benefited the cover up and ensured oppression. I have no doubt in my mind that Kurt Slaven and others were intentionally disrupting my life to have me feeling worthless, destitute, and seeking the refuge of suicide. His threatening words “Don’t tell anyone” replaying like a constant echo in the back of my mind. Damian’s “Prove it” taunt adding to the threat from Kurt Slaven and heavily increasing the trauma. Trauma I was forced to endure aided and abetted by institutional abuse, coercive investigations and intentional circumstances of unemployment numerous times.

Volunteering my time replaced the lack of employment I faced. My experience volunteering with Real, Humane people did soothe my mind. Seeing so many caring, loving staff and humble, knowledgeable elderly, after being taken advantage of by an on-duty police officer and the negativity that followed, was exactly what I needed.

It was my first and only experience I’ve had with Haggis. Haggis is the national dish of Scotland. It is a type of pudding composed of the liver, heart, and lungs of a sheep (or other animal), minced, and mixed with beef or mutton suet and oatmeal and seasoned with onion, cayenne pepper, and other spices. Making a traditional Haggis was a theme treat for these elderly residents, put on by the staff. Everyone loved the ideas and efforts of these staff. Though I personally could not eat it, I remember the activity reverently.

I had been offered by the government a job with IDSC in 2001, without the aged care volunteering experience. It was a part time position I was offered at this time. The part-time IDSC position being offered to myself came at the same time I was offered a full-time position at Hungry Jacks working with my parents. My mother was the Restaurant Manager of Hungry Jack’s, an arm of the American Burger King restaurant. My father at this time Special Kitchen Hand after decades as the Restaurant Manager. Myself already carrying much knowledge regarding Hungry Jacks operations and products, plus the Hungry Jack’s position being a full-time role, I chose to work with my parents. Starting to complete my Hospitality certificate, I was fast, polite and articulate in my fast-food role. Working my way up to GOLD Star Employee on the road to be a manager like my parents, until I was abruptly and illegally dismissed. Working for my parents after moving out of home because of them was a mistake. Reality is trusting my parents since I moved out of home was a mistake. It was not until around 2003 that I was offered a full-time position with IDSC again.

A mature teenager, I was the first to move out of home out of my closest friend’s group at the end of our year twelve schooling. One year out of parental care and I was almost made homeless by my parents who would not let me move home after they dismissed me at the time I dumped my first boyfriend. My parents and I have a torn and fragile relationship and have kind of been estranged since I moved out of home. Young parents, my mum and dad, were preoccupied with their own lives when I moved out of home. Their decision to leave me to fend for myself in 2001, I will never understand even with the facts about the malicious accusations that were circulated. A decision to in a form abandon your child is extreme and is one of the many heartless and life endangering decisions I have endured from my family.

It was odd to be treated with such disrespect when I left home. My strict parents at home seemed to resent me like my Nanna had once told me my mum did. I have never forgotten walking in the pines with my mum’s dad and mum when they told me “Your mum only married your dad because she was pregnant with you.” An insensitive thing to say, my interpretation is my mum and dad evidently fell in love when they met in that seemingly perfect ‘teens that got married’ love story scenario, pregnancy aside they married - for better or worse. My parents were very happy together as I grew up. Me and my brother barely saw our parents argue. My parents never hid the fact that I was a ‘bastard’ child as society labels children conceived out of wedlock. It was never a highlighted moment, and my parents were always seemingly proud of me growing up. Dad and Mum made many family home movies. Our family immortalised in many photos and videos of our quite glamorous and unique upbringing.

My parents had been married for nearly forty years authoring this autobiography. Mum’s pregnancy with me has a bitter like element to it that seems to escalate their attitude towards myself. Nanna could be right with her uncalled-for rhetoric. Especially as I became a teenager and Dad started drinking.

It was weird and evident that my parents kind of disowned me when I left home. Over the years my mum and dad would visit my brother and assist his transition from home to independent living for years, but they never visited or assisted me. Their disconnection was something I couldn’t help but notice. Everyone noticed. Noticed that my parents only visited me on special occasions, my Birthday, Easter, etc yet seen my brother weekly.

I was only seventeen years old when I was nearly homeless. Facing the end of a rental lease at the same time as I had broken up with the partner I had moved out of home with. Not allowed to move home, I found refuge with an old best friend from High School who briefly housed me at the end of 2001. My parents had moved a majority of my belongings from the rental property I was residing in back to their farm property. Including the VH Commodore vehicle that was stolen which led to Kurt Slaven sex offending. It was more like a confiscation of my belongings especially as they were not allowing me to reside at the family home.

I had no choice but to acquire a property independently. It was the beginning of 2002 and my parents kept much of my belongings from me for quite some time. This experience unfolded when I was still hanging out with my High School friends. I had met a guy during the break up with my first serious boyfriend who I dumped. Living with my mate for a short period while I sorted out welfare payments, as I had no job (thanks to my parents), so I could get a rental. I ended up residing at my new boyfriend’s parents farm until acquiring a rental of my own in 2002. I gained a rental on Lake Terrace West, in a good location. This happening prior to my voluntary work at The Oaks.

My families’ decisions always astound me, but never shock me. Their support of Barbwire Noose and then their withdrawal of support coupled with their dehumanisation of my life was a whole new low for my psycho (so to speak) relatives. My dad’s brother in his social prestige was a member of SAPOL, an Elite STARForce policeman, fire-fighter and had served in the Australian Army before becoming a vintner. He is friends with many police officers even after leaving the force over the corruption. My uncle’s friends stem as high as you can go – Police Commissioners and some well known personalities. This said the Australian police force was able to hide that I was actually raped by a police officer as a minor for decades. My point, my uncle is no better than the corruption. Power hungry and a dehumaniser, that’s the only way you can be convinced your sixteen-year-old niece who was raped and legally a minor in South Australia (SA) was a prostitute that deserves no justice. When I finally reported this crime, it took SAPOL four years to write the statement of the offence and at the nearly a decade mark he was yet to be charged. I hounded the Australian Police Force with phone calls for years, actions quite necessary after reporting two rapist police officers. Both remaining uncharged when this publication released in the National Library Australia. It is surreal that the police force was able to sustain such Institutional and systemic corruption for over two decades. No one charging a police officer that I had openly spoken out about publicly, the media also ignoring the offence for years. This book, in manuscript form, was publicly shared and for half a decade went unchallenged as the truth is defence in defamation litigation. The fact that my devices and documents were hacked and stolen causing numerous proofs of the book to be made shows the government has no shame in this irrefutable cover up. It blew (and still blows) my mind that the police thought they could ignore their hideous sex offenders. Ignore hideous sex crimes against defenceless disabled persons too.

The fuller facts surrounding these desperate cover ups are that I lived for many years, from 2008 to at least 2014, under illegal privacy and surveillance breaches possible because of the not fit for purpose association laws. I personally have viewed footage of myself in my house, a camera pointed at my bedroom door that I viewed in 2014 was filmed approximately five years prior to myself viewing it. The video capturing innocent footage of me and conversations between a boyfriend I had in 2008/2009 and his mate I barely know. This proves that officers within the police force, at the least, have heard and has audio records of myself telling people about Kurt Slaven’s sex offending. Myself, disclosing the sexual crime committed to a couple of close friends and boyfriend over the years 2001 and 2002, also to many persons during years 2008 onwards. After making the report against Kurt Slaven, as a victim I was shunned by my police family. My uncle and cousin after they had just exploited and endangered my life with a police operation under Commissioner Malcom Hyde were irrefutably dismissive of my welfare. Dad’s entire side of his family a bunch of police puppets circulated the malicious accusations with no basis or facts, which is where Dad told me in 2016 he heard about the prostitute accusations. After my house, the Barbwire Noose office, was illegally acquisitioned. Brand Barbwire Noose was being labelled as sex industry related as well. Slanderous comments of a very damaging nature, highly defamatory comments circulated by police. Having incorporated Barbwire Noose fully into a company by 2013 with investment prospects, because of the illegal conduct engaged by police my company was cancelled by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Heartbroken by the madness surrounding me. Madness effecting years of my hard work developing Barbwire Noose. I nearly died in 2014 due to the malicious and intentional plot of deniability regarding reckless endangerment of my life by police. Years of severe reckless endangerment and numerous times after this date further seeing life threatening circumstances perpetrated by a pertinent cover up. All due to police criminal negligence and malicious, intentional reckless endangerment. I was nearly stabbed after recording an offender in the much publicised Gordon Hamm homicide case. I provided the evidence to VICPOL via SAPOL and the SAPOL police officer shared the USB containing the video – this video key, case breaking evidence to a known felon. In 2014, my dad stated, “Let the police handle it.” to myself, one of the many confirmations I had that the police were involved in an operation that was utilising my life. Myself, scared and being attacked by numerous persons involved and surrounding the crime. I was raped multiple times by multiple people all sex offences under police operations with attempts of sexual assault in the Northern Territory due to the malicious accusations allowed to circulate for years.

Barbwire Noose business transactions and investment prospects were severely stagnated during a decade of these cover ups which caused me evermore trauma. I focused a lot on branding and activism. The ‘A Better World’ initiative of the brand further immersed in fighting for Human Rights - the right to resolution. Though his credibility is clueless about the truth, if it wasn’t for my dad’s honesty in disclosing the malicious accusations with no basis or facts were about prostitution and a few other accusations, Barbwire Noose and I would not have been able to survive the reckless endangerment stemming from this defamation that was endured. I was left to fend for myself without housing and was lucky I didn’t end up completely homeless. Raped over and over again with at times Australian police force members encouraging the attacks in efforts to cover up their internal sex offenders and subdue my reporting of police corruption, sexual indiscretions leading to bribery and criminality. I heard much rhetoric regarding police making ‘slut’ shaming commentary, encouraging hate speech and even threats against myself through informants, friends and even their relatives. Police intentionally engaging defamation which was evidently malicious in efforts to compromise my safety and livelihood. I had NOT let fear be my weakness regardless of the adversities. The assistance I provided led to numerous persons involved in the homicide incarcerated for the murder. During this investigation I reported an officer who had leaked the investigation evidence, Paul Griffiths of SAPOL. At this time the police ombudsman of South Australia basically demanded me to report any other officer I felt should be reported at this time, leading to myself reporting Kurt Slaven. My cousin was actually working for SAPOL as a police officer when I reported the paedophile crime. He evidently believed the malicious accusations with no basis or facts spread by the seedy police force as he certainly did not act in a manner which deterred the police forces plot of a cover up.

Hindsight, a privilege of the future on the past, if I was to report a government official or elite again I would publicise the crime first, include the media in communication and then write the statement. Truth being defence to defamation and a statement made to police being the property of the victim. This strategic process would have saved me clawing my way through life, the integrity side stepping, court applications and the endless disruptions to Barbwire Noose.

The hopes of some criminals to get away with heinous and almost unfathomable crimes lay in promises of government jobs and grants which I first hand witnessed. Other avenues of extortion I witnessed was the usual drugs, sex, status and more interestingly the promise of ascendance with men I would barely call Freemasons. Extortion, bribe taking and protecting paedophiles for power is Not policing, governance or Freemasonry to me. Witnessing an acceptable culture of dehumanisation, victim blaming and lack of accountability honestly is something I did not understand. Growing up being always taught not to judge people and that humanity matters made these experiences evermore disturbing.

The dehumanising treatment I watched and advocated change for maintained my view of this world - a ‘World So Cold’. It’s a song by the American heavy metal band Mudvayne that I really feel when listening to it. I thrashed this song, the album ‘End of all things to come’, after I was sexually assaulted. ‘World So Cold’ is still my favourite Mudvayne song. I have seen the band live, it’s a life highlight. Mudvayne played live Friday the twenty-fourth of June 2005 at the famous historical Palace Theatre in St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria. I literally nearly ended up with broken ribs waiting for ‘World So Cold’ to play, my small stature was pushed against the front barrier of the mosh pit. The Mudvayne crowd in St Kilda was wild. My nearly broken ribs showed my sheer determination to stay at the stage no matter what. My favourite song was being played nearly last on the stage playlist. Everyone had bailed from the mosh pit, the guys had trouble handling the rough crowd, bit wimpy – soft blokes. I was left on the front barrier alone. Seeing the song title ‘World So Cold’ written on the paper playlist on the stage as the second or third to last song to be played, I stayed at my post on the stage barrier. I am tiny, kinda like Kylie Minogue, I am not of a large stature. One-hundred and fifty-three centimetres tall and approximately fifty kilograms, I was getting absolutely crushed by the crowd. I could literally feel the broken ribs coming on. A very stubborn personality, yet not to my own detriment. I knew how badly I wanted to see that song, without busted ribs. I turned to the random guy on my right and asked him if he could please stand behind me and cushion the crowd. The long, dark haired (not a bad looking guy) obliged, and I enjoyed the concert until it finished. I was keen to find my wimp company at the end of the show, so I asked my newfound metal head friend to lift me over the barrier. He must have got a nice eye full of my ass as I exited via the front of stage. As he lifted me over the barrier the hype was crazy, everyone was going wild. The heap of noise behind me was being made for the guitar pick on stage. I picked it up, turned to my newfound friend who saved me from a broken rib, grabbed his hand and wrapped it around the guitar pick telling him how lucky he was that I was giving it to him and not keeping it myself. The gratitude on his face was priceless, as to me was the memory of my favourite song. I survived the front row view without hospitalisation. My fashion sense of ‘barely anything I am a swim teacher’ being a short black singlet style look coupled with knee high chunky, lace ups – rocking the full goth look nicely. And even though I was nearly mushed into the fence to hear World So Cold, I would do it again. To that guy with the long hair - I love you man (whoever you are), always and forever. Epic Song, Epic Band, Epic Gig. The bruising was worth it! Live gigs, music, and festivals like the Big Day Out and Soundwave were like Serotonin in the chaos and inhumanity I witnessed and advocated against.

With hindsight, nothing changes. The good, the bad, the ugly moments – these moments, this movement for better care for disabled persons, Human Rights, the registration of my label, my life, and a determination to be a politician knowing I would not have allowed what I had witnessed to occur changed So Much. These first five years out of home, alone in the world defining this fashion icon – Barbwire Noose. An empowerment brand Barbwire Noose is human rights and elements of my life.

The damaging lack of humanity I lived and witnessed in these early few years out of home in the regional city Mount Gambier. A city irrefutably run by a corrupt police force, biker gangs and questionable government and council representatives, was all exposed to myself by the age of nineteen-years-old. The old saying ‘Make you or break you’ has merit and I chose for all these experiences to make me. To make ‘A Better World’.

I started a second curtain blind with artistic scribbles, personal quotes, and teen art like my yellow curtain blind at the morgue house I designed the brand logo within. The location of Barbwire Noose logo creative not far from the main street of commercial street - the CBD of Mount Gambier.

The simplistic logo designed from scratch at a property, Wehl Street North in Mount Gambier, South Australia. The house was a converted hospital which I found interesting. Apparently, my bedroom was the morgue. My love for witchcraft, souls, energetic connection and wonder had me relish in this fact.

I lived with my dog Kuta, two ferrets Mary-Jane and Maggot, a yabby called Yoshi, two scorpions called Hammond and Clarkson (Top Gear), two main cars (VW and VN Commodore), an on and off boyfriend, and my brother periodically. Life was good bar the relentless lack of humanity I was witnessing and experiencing. The lack of justice and injustices I was witnessing, and enduring were so distorted. Watching dehumanisation as an excuse to not be kind to a human life in all aspects of society is so disheartening. On my laptop I began to write the original autobiography book about my life, just before brand Barbwire Noose was trademarked, ready to write of the brands launch. My life experiences to me had already been newsworthy, interesting and at times, so damn exciting – so I thought. The writing started with the police officers sex crime, the threat against myself not to tell anyone about what he had done and the death of my pet rabbits. The beginnings of the immortalising of this story. A Compaq laptop, a stance against seedy sex crimes and my youth activism against the government elements encompass the basis of the brand’s history and altered my life, for better and worse, for forever.

Taking nearly three years to trademark brand name words ‘Barbwire Noose®’. Taking only six months for trademark approval of the slogan ‘Fear Is the Root of All Weakness’ being registered separately. Applying for the slogan on a separate application was a smart idea. The slogan being the most important trademark registration to me at the time.

Designing the Barbwire Noose logo was a relatively basic process I personally conducted on my laptop as discussed in the introduction chapter. A basic process, yet I spent months in my thoughts crafting it for registration. Fear Is the Root of All Weakness – the slogan being my main muse. It was when my trademark did not pass approval quickly that I applied for just the slogan. Just registering the slogan ‘Fear Is the Root of All Weakness’ I applied for this trademark to be fast tracked for earlier approval at a higher fee. ‘Fear Is the Root of All Weakness’ registered within six months in 2006.

I vividly remember the day I received the call for the approval of my first trademark application for both Barbwire Noose and ‘Fear Is the Root of All Weakness’. I was walking to my teaching role at the old Y.M.C.A complex, Mount Gambier. A fully qualified, national police checked, fit aquatics teacher.

I would walk to work which was only seven minutes away. Walking was my environmental living choice, choosing to live as green as possible where achievable. The indoor heated pool where I would teach was only a short distance from my property, I purchased in 2006. The house of sixty-nine Penola Road Mount Gambier became the official office of Barbwire Noose in 2012. Regularly walking I would walk to the post office or the main street of Mount Gambier to shop more often than I drove. Receiving the confirmation of registration from IP Australia I was at the line of trees bordering the oval of Frew Park. I had just crossed the Jubilee/Prince Highway. Frew Park is a prominent community location hosting cricket and local events. I was walking on the highway side of the oval, elated beyond words is an understatement to describe my delight at the news I received via telephone. Usually, a very smiley teacher teaching children, this day I was the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland – Willy Wonka in his chocolate factory. The smile could not have been bigger when the words ‘Barbwire Noose’ were finally approved as trademarked.

My logo, the words, my slogan, brand Barbwire Noose finally had its Intellectual Property recognition. Basically, three years of not telling anyone about my logo, slogan and label. No one knew what my brand was called nor that its slogan was ‘Fear Is the Root of All Weakness’ until IP approval. Keeping the secret was easy, I was so proud of what I was doing, becoming a fashion designer. My entrepreneurship passion combined with the inspirations from my life. So many motivations. To be creating an empowering platform for ‘A Better World’. Combining my passion for fashion and making a brand reflecting my passions - human rights activism felt so special. I had wanted to tell people, the world, about Barbwire Noose for years and finally I could.

It was a cry of activism in itself, trademarking my now ‘Famous’ brand name and slogan.

Quoting the amazing Coco Chanel who famously said: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with the ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” And I completely agree.

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