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Eco Fashion Week Australia 2017

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

EFWA Designer, Saturday the 25th of November 2017 - Perth, WA.

Raw Cuts, Raw Stitch - No Waste, No Overlocking.

Held in Fremantle, Western Australia. Barbwire Noose, with an already established Eco Fashion threads within our collections since launching in South Australia in 2008, featured on the Runway in Eco Fashion Week Australia's debut in 2017.

"My Mum Always said make up should enhance your features not cover your face, I believe clothing too to be like this"

With only a few months preparation, fighting for my Rights as a Victim of serious sex crimes committed by SAPol authority. The year the POLICE vs Kurt Slaven statement was finally taken by numerous dodgy police officers in the most excruciating, illegal and inconsiderate procedure possible in regards to victim welfare (as outlined in True Crimes Biography UGLY HEROS) I produced 6 minimal stitch, minimal cuts and self fastening simplistic yet stunning pieces which uniquely dazzled the runway like no other collection featured during the iconic week. Collection “BNatural Heights” by Marcia Hobbs of Barbwire Noose Clothing, International Miss Australia United Nations 2018 (2017); is an Eco fashion stereotype breaker - putting everyday fashions and Glam on the Australian Eco Fashion Week Runway. Designs predominantly with the environment in mind BN Couture crafted for EFWA by Marcia has strayed from the norm of perfected machine stitch, wasted fabric edging and overlocked seams to create a collection of Raw imperfect perfection.

Marcia’s first three Garments are crafted from Organic Cotton - Cloud9 fabrics GOTS certified organic cotton featuring twice on the runway. No waste with each garment in Marcia’s entire BNatural Heights collection; starting with design #4, Garment 1 of 6; an everyday organics print from Birch Organics Collection. The print cut and crafted into a high fashion males tee with zero waste, raw collar and trimmings. A streetwear style tee reflective of the brands everyday threads, utilising 1.2 metres of fabric and incorporating eco branded raw edging to feature within the back of the design.

Design #1, Garment 2 is crafted from 2 metres of Cloud9 Organic Cotton, this gorgeous print dress is made with only 3 cuts to the fabric. No excess stitching Marcia has formed a perfect everyday Spring gown featuring the raw edge and Cloud9 Organic branding subtly without a doubt adding to its beauty.

Design #2 from 1.5 metres, a combination of select Eco Fashion Week Australia fabrics featured in Marcia’s BNatural Heights Collection is a teaser piece to the creative flair of the uncertified Fashion Designer. Minimal cuts encourage the natural fall of the fabric and fabric structure, featured throughout the nights collection with that natural contouring along stitch and fold lines also a consistent minimalistic Eco feature. Viscose thread used in all Garments, the same real used throughout the collection.

Garment 4, Design #3 a Stunning black and pink blend of cut viscose lengths creating a gentle and flattering formal off the shoulder fitted gown with a sensationally exaggerated fastening to the back the departing sight is glamorously unique.

Garment #5; a piece inspired on one of the first Spring fall walks Marcia took with her German Shepherd Rossi, this piece crafted from the 3 metres of Viscose fibre. The formation of the clouds in the sky reflected in the folds as admired when they strolled a local park. The inspiration carrying small clear and rose quartz embellishment to the front detail. Zero Waste, minimal stitch with No overlocking as with the entire collection Marcia has utilised folds and fabric structure to create this flattering and modest off the shoulder cocktail gown.

The Barbwire Noose Brand Founder and Lead designers final garment, #6 features self fastening as with piece 4, Design #3. 1.5 metres Viscose creating a soft luxurious gown brought together at the back in simplistic flattering form. The crafting allowing the piece to form elegantly around the wearer and the sensual bondage like back fasten detail defining the Eco design.

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